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The Snowtrooper is a Star Wars Minifigure first released in 2004. In-universe, Snowtroopers were a variation of the Stormtroopers that were deployed by the Galactic Empire on many planets with severely cold temperatures, or large ice planets including Hoth and Rhen Var. Snowtroopers wear insulated armor and a helmet with built-in snow goggles. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Snowtroopers are Imperial stormtroopers who have been outfitted with specialized equipment to let them operate in extreme cold-weather conditions. No matter how freezing it may be outside, their thermally-sealed armor, helmets and heated backpacks keep them warm and ready to take on the rebellious enemies of the Empire.


The Snowtrooper has White legs, Medium Stone Grey hips, a White torso with mainly Black printing, White arms, and a White helmet.


The most known battle including Snowtroopers was the Battle of Hoth, during which the Empire's Imperial Army attacked the Rebels' Echo Base. They were also seen in actions on other cold planets such as Rhen Var and Corellia.

Snowtroopers had advanced armor and were trained to fight and survive in cold weather. Their armor has special gear such as heaters. They also have enough equipment to survive in snowy or icy terrain for up to a week.

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