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Sokka is a Minifigure from the theme Avatar: The Last Airbender. He travels around the world with Aang and his sister Katara. He has a giant sarcastic personality, and takes advantage as leader of the team. He is fond of his boomerang, which he inherited from his father, and he has a love interest in Suki, a Kyoshi Warrior, and was in love with Princess Yue of the Northern Water Tribe, before she became the moon spirit.


After his father Chief Hakoda left with the men of the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka was left in charge of the tribe to take care of his younger sister Katara and his grandmother. After accidentally helping Katara free Aang from his century old captivity within an iceberg, Sokka joined Aang and Katara as they ventured around the world to the North Pole, where Aang would learn waterbending from Master Pakku. Before reaching the North Pole, he was trained by Kyoshi Warrior Suki in martial arts. After discovering that a Solar Eclipse could bring an end to the war with the Fire Nation, Sokka developed a plan to invade the Fire Nation. However, it was foiled by Princess Azula. He later learned the ways of the sword from Master Pian Do of the Fire Nation.

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Sokka A young warrior of the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka, Katara’s brother, is headstrong, impulsive and often more brave than he is sensible. Sokka is a loyal friend and highly skilled with his boomerang, a gift from his father and his most prized possession.


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