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Space is a science fiction-based theme introduced in 1978 featuring Astronauts, aliens, robots, and spaceships. It is one of the most expansive themes in LEGO's history, and contains over 362 individual sets.
As one of the core themes along with Town and Castle, Space has been running almost constantly for over 35 years. Since Mars Mission, a new Space subtheme has been constantly available, save for a gap in 2012 and 2014-2017 (except for a couple one off sets). It is one of LEGO's oldest series.


Classic Space (1978-1987)

See main article: Classic Space

The first LEGO Space sets were a leap forward in classic LEGO design. The theme had more sets than any other space theme. In 1987, many of the sets started to have the Futuron colour theme. 1987 was also the last year Classic Space was produced. Many compared to the LEGO Company's previous releases of spacecraft sets 801 Space Rocket (1964), 358 Rocket Base (1973), and 565 Moon Landing (1975) this new theme of sets boasted new parts and building techniques previously unseen. Although plenty of basic bricks were used, there were now parts with finer detail used in smoother-looking ships and multi-purpose vehicles. The Spacemen came in all colours, with robots and vehicles with a large colour scheme.

Despite curiosities and oddities such as steering wheels used to direct spacecraft, and often no inflight pilot protection other than a spacesuit, simple new constructs sparked builders' imaginations. Starting with spaceships and basic wheeled vehicles, the theme developed, occasionally mirroring science fiction designs. As LEGO Space expanded, the basic pattern of ground-buggies, walking robots, small and large spaceships, and bases emerged. There was even a mobile base, one of the earliest released.

Early Space sets had a simplistically modern, yet colourful, charm unrivaled by any other mass-produced science-fiction toy of the time. Many of the theme's more specialized pieces had yet to be developed, although when Space was first introduced many parts were new, or were older parts made in new colours. Examples of these early simple sets include: 462 Rocket Launcher (1978), 442 Space Shuttle, and 452 Mobile Tracking Station (both 1979).

Perfectly suited for utilitarian LEGO Space, gray (now replaced by stone colours) had finally become a major colour for a LEGO theme, especially as more plate-type parts were made in that colour. Most often, gray Space sets were paired with green windows. The other predominant colours were blue with yellow windows. With the introduction of the 6929 Starfleet Voyager in 1981, classic spaceships began to appear in white, with blue canopies, in a similar style to the upcoming Futuron.

The numbering of Space sets suggests that LEGO had already planned out their sets all the way through Insectoids, as the set number of the ship increased, so did the ship size. Most of the sets did not have a number directly below or above the number of another set from the theme, instead being next to sets from other Space themes. Other than the odd numbering of Unitron, which were in the 1000s (and the Monorail Transport Base is the exception, with a 6000 set number), the pattern was more or less concise.

Introduction of different factions (1987-1991)

Taking over from Classic Space and inheriting its white-and-blue colour scheme, Futuron was one of the new factions introduced for Space. Its minifigures came in many colours (red, blue, yellow and black), but all shared the same uniform—a zipper crossing from hip to shoulder, with colour on top and white below—as well as light-blue-tinted helmet visors. They also had the old Classic Space symbol. Instead of a big ship, the theme centered around the 6990 Monorail Transport System, which featured a battery-powered train system and some twenty linear feet of track. Accessory tracks were also released.

The first unified and truly themed Space theme, Blacktron took to the stars in black with yellow trim, and red and yellow transparent pieces. (The odd man out was the 1875 Meteor Monitor, which was white and black with red transparents.) Blacktron minifigures (or "minifigs" for short) wore black jumpsuits akin to today's military pilots, with white trim and opaque black visors. Stylish, sleek and intimidating, Blacktron was a major step up from the rather clunky design values of Classic Space. It featured a large spacecraft, the "Renegade," which set the tone for all future big ships by splitting into a number of smaller modules, including a storage bin for a small wheeled vehicle; these modules could be recombined not just with each other, but with modules from other vehicles in the set as well, specifically the "Invader" and "Battrax." This modular interchangeability has been a staple of LEGO Space ever since. Oddly, they weren't always symmetrical. Their large base, the Message Intercept Base, featured many large transparent yellow parts unique to the set. Many of the trans yellow parts from the theme were not used outside of the theme. The Blacktron's torso also appeared on Rench.

For clarification, Blacktron is often referred to as Blacktron I, as LEGO released Blacktron II in 1991. Though Blacktron officially ended in 1988, the 1875 Meteor Monitor (1990) was released. Considering Blacktron II's slightly altered colour scheme it could be viewed as being from between the "upgrade" era of Blacktron to Blacktron II.

M-Tron astronauts are assisting their fellows from Futuron in a catalog scene from 1990.

In 1989, LEGO made a storyline decision. Blacktron, previously operating in a moral void, were now declared the "bad guys" of LEGO Space; opposing them and defending Futuron from them were the Space Police, a series of brave individuals whose spacecraft were black and blue with red transparent elements. (This would be a continuing theme of space, having "bad guy" space agencies, "good guy" space agencies and "civilian" space agencies between them.) Space Police re-introduced the idea of modular systems, on a smaller but also grander scale. The Space Police theme features three spaceships, two wheeled vehicles and a ground-based space station; all but the smallest buggy comes with a Space Police jail cell (which was often supplied with a Blacktron occupant). These jail cells were identical from set to set and could be traded around between vehicles with no hassle whatsoever. Their minifigures were identical to Futuron astronauts but with different visors.

In an effort to increase interactivity, LEGO introduced magnets in the next Space theme, M-Tron, who took over the "civilian" role of the Futuron space agency. Vehicles in this set, distinctive for their red hulls, gray trim and neon-green canopies, are devoted primarily to mining out precious ores. They often featured crane-like attachments with magnets for picking up small cargo and storage boxes. These boxes, unfortunately, were generally not interchangeable.

M-Tron was also the last space theme to carry the LEGOLAND banner. LEGO System was the name used starting in 1992.

Renewal of the first factions (1991-1997)

In 1991, Blacktron received a makeover: black with white trim, M-Tron's neon green canopies, as well as new uniforms with black hexagons in the center with an over-sized lime green 'B' in it. It also replaced the creative but haphazard interchangeability of Blacktron I with refined and mostly-uniform cockpit globes (best seen here), which could be switched unimpeded between those ships. To the dismay of fans, however, only three sets of eleven featured them. Some fans were also disappointed that, aside from a proliferation of small (50-element-or-less) vehicles, Blacktron II seemed to be mostly a rehash Blacktron I on a set-by-set basis.

Space Police was the next theme to receive a makeover, remodeled into its more widely recognized black and grey with green canopies and red trim. The standardized jail cells were retained, though only three vehicles could accept them; the theme also lacked a permanent installation like Space Police I's 6955 Space Lock-Up Isolation Base (1989). It was the first Space set to replace the LEGO standard smiley face minifigure head with a more complex graphic (in this case, the face augmented by a fringe of hair and an ear-mounted microphone). Finally, Space Police II ships were known for being under-armed; several vehicles sported no overt weapons (such as the 6813 Galactic Chief, whose epaulet-wearing pilot is armed with only a hand-held blaster that might actually be a bullhorn), and the others featured only two small cockpit-mounted weapons (including the theme's heavyweight multi-module spaceship, the 6984 Galactic Mediator).

With the advent of Space Police II ships, the Blacktron became the enemies, and a 1992 Canadian television advertisment showed Space Police capturing a Blacktron figure. However in 1993, with the release of Ice Planet 2002, the TV commercial featured them fighting Space Police.

Ice Planet 2002 can be considered M-Tron's replacement as the "civilian" space agency. Taking place in a time and location that should be fairly obvious, the Ice Planet's (Dubbed 'Krysto' on a box) inhabitants were scientists testing new technologies with rockets and satellites. Their three largest sets all included rockets, (possibly Saturn V, as seen in the name Ice Sat V) with a satellite attachment. The satellite attachment was similar in design to the famous Sputnik satellite. It featured new elements such as a distinct setting (an ice planet or possibly Mars polar ice caps), and bright neon (orange) pieces (vehicle canopies, skis for both on vehicles and personnel, chainsaws, and helmet visors with goggles and radios). It also introduced the first distinctively female character in LEGO Space, Ice Planet Female. As befitting an icebound theme, most of its vehicles were ground-based; many of its smaller vehicles also showcased satellite dishes. As with many of the other Space themes, their base contained a smaller amount of parts than their largest vehicle.

Taking over the "good guy" space agency from the Space Police II was the Unitron, a more military themed group. Unitron also features elements from the classic Futuron line, as it revolved around a large monorail system powered by a 9V battery; it retained LEGO interchangeability in the form of small, sleek cockpits which could dock on the front or top of its vehicles. Unfortunately, aside from a ground installation, a large buggy, an advanced looking spaceship, and aforementioned monorail, the theme was underdeveloped, a fact that is still lamented today. Its sets were inconsistent with LEGO's otherwise well-ordered set numbers, with the exception of its Monorail Transport base.

The Spyrius took over the "bad guy" space agency theme as a group of spies out to steal technology and valuable data. Official evidence of a Spyrius attack against Unitron is documented in this 1994 catalog picture. Spyrius has similar colours to M-Tron, but instead of Trans Neon Green cockpits they were Trans Blue. Unlike any other Space theme until Insectoids, their largest vehicle was not a starship but a robot. The new robots were very different from those of Classic Space, with many different parts.

Returning to the clean white and transparent blue cockpits of Futuron (as well as their civilian role), Exploriens sets are known for their use of large, open (sometimes rickety) structures and special image elements (e.g., as foil-holograph stickers for view screens). The Exploriens were searching, evidently, for fossils, certain flat plates contained triple images: one in white, for the naked eye; one in blue, for viewing under transparent red scanners; and one in red, for viewing under transparent blue scanners. It was the second space theme to include a robot minifigure, and was also the second Space theme to include a female minifigure, a robot named Ann Droid. Though never produced in a set, it has been rumored that Ann Droid had a brother, Andy Droid, that was stolen during a UFO assault on the Exploriens. He is supposedly the red cyborg figure in the UFO sets. Hints of this have been pointed out since several UFO mini sets have been pictured on the Explorien's planet.

Taking the "good guy" role was another four-set theme, Roboforce featured various large robots (arguably mecha) in varying colour schemes. Orange Class features a police-like patrol function in humanoid robos, equipped with buzz saws for extracting criminals or rescuing civilians. The "head" of each robo was also a small space ship that could be used as an escape pod or secondary vehicle. Green Class featured a more military theme with animal shaped robos. The Robo Raptor was the only set not to feature a space craft, while the Robo Master's small spacecraft strongly resembled the Unitron Star Hawk II as a tribute to the fan favorite set. Roboforce "Robos" were powered by "secret" "robo disks" which were oddly enough rectangle-shaped power sources. By this time, the theme was well and truly exhausted, and the remaining sets were a slow march to the theme's obscurity.

Introduction of alien factions (1997-1999)

UFO was the first Space theme to feature true aliens. All of its minifigures were cybernetic in nature, and the race featured two wholly robot figures, and, as befitting its name, many of its spaceships used saucers or half-saucers as elements. It has the smallest proportion of wheeled ground vehicles to ships (two to nine) of any LEGO Space theme before or since. UFO was the first theme to introduce what has since become a staple of LEGO System sets in general: large pieces meant to provide effects (such as curvature) that would be difficult to achieve with traditional LEGO pieces. It's vehicles were all heavily armed, with Trans Neon Green lasers and cockpits.

The Insectoids from 1998 were especially interested in "energy orbs" which included magnetic stickers so that magnets attached to cranes could lift them. Predictably the Insectoids utilized a number of pieces designed to look like insect components, particularly legs and wings. Its minifigures were primarily cybernetic, and the third LEGO Space theme to have a female minifigure, Gypsy Moth, also known as Queen. Their ships were also heavily armed, but there were no conflicting factions at the time.

The Rock Raiders theme from 1999, while not officially part of the theme, included a non-humanoid alien race known as Rock Monsters. Though they were the foes of the Rock Raiders, they were only featured in 2 sets. The books and video games, however, features an abundance of other alien life forms, many based around other elements.

Mars subthemes (2001, 2007-2008)

During the 2000s all Space sub-themes would feature human explorers on the planet Mars as well as the aliens that they encounter.

Life on Mars is one of the only Space themes with both Humans and Aliens. The sets denote peaceful coexistence between the two species on the planet Mars, and were timed for release to the public around a time of much curiosity about the planet, and the life that could possibly exist there. Although set in the future, LOM is unique among the Space themes, as its conception was more inspired by and coincided with real space exploration activity than any other Space theme yet introduced. The Astronaut ships were barely armed, and only the smallest ones had a large weapons to size ratio. On the other hand, the Martian ships were much more heavily armed. The majority of their vehicles were robots, or mecha.

It is important to note that starting near the end of the 1990s and leading up to the present, LEGO was involved in a multi-year licensing deal to produce Star Wars themed kits, during which time the development of new space sub-themes slowed to a crawl. This is most likely due to both Star Wars being set in space, thus it's ships became a sort of New-Space, and that with the high licensing costs LEGO had to use more resources to make a profit.

Revival of Space Police (2009-2010)

In 2009 a new version of Space Police was released. This time the bad guys were alien members of a gang called the Black Hole Gang or alternatively the Space Biker Gang. This was the third Space theme to have Humans against Aliens. Each of the aliens have names, unlike the aliens of themes like UFO and Insectoids (except for Gypsy Moth). The villains were Squidman, Kranxx, Slizer, Frenzy, Snake, The Skull Twins, Rench, Squidtron, Jawson and Brick Daddy. This was the second theme with named aliens, the first being Life on Mars.

The Space Police ships had the same color scheme as Futuron, but their weapons were Trans Green. Their largest ship is reminiscent of previous space-ships, such as the Deep Freeze Defender in as that it is designed so that sections can be removed or replaced easily. Their base was released in August, along with two more ships. The vehicles of the aliens tend toward Black and Dark Stone. If they have a sealed cockpit, they tend to have Smoke colored windscreens or Trans Yellow, reminiscent of Blacktron.

Alien Conquest (2011)

In May 2011 LEGO released a new space sub-theme Alien Conquest, where aliens are invading the earth. This is the first time for LEGO to have featured a theme with alien invaders. Their goal is to capture the human race and use the human brainpower to fuel their ships. These aliens have classified groups and also have new futuristic ships but still uses the classic "flying saucer".

Galaxy Squad (2013)

In the January of 2013 (though some sets were already released in various stores by the November of 2012), LEGO once again introduced a new space sub-theme, Galaxy Squad. The theme, which is reminiscent of the older Insectoids sub-theme, featured a group of humans and robotic sidekicks defending their Galaxy (which is in a different Galaxy than the Milky Way) from invasion by the hands of aliens, which resembled anthropomorphic insects. The humans and robots are split into different "teams", distinguished by the colour theme of their minifig printings and vehicles, as well as a unique insignia. These teams were the blue team, red team, green team, and orange team, and each team consisted of one robotic sidekick and one or two humans. Their vehicles were mainly white, with certain detailing sharing the respective team's colour. The aliens consisted of Alien Mosquitoids, Alien Mantizoids, and Alien Buggoids (the latter of which had a green as well as a red variant), and they piloted vehicles that resembled various insects. These vehicles were primarily lime-green, with transparent-red cockpits. A second wave of sets was released in the summer of 2013.

Appearance in Video Games

Along with other themes, such as Rock Raiders, Castle, and Adventurers, Space was featured in multiple old Video Games.

List of subthemes and factions





Theme timeline

Galaxy SquadAlien ConquestSpace Police IIIMars MissionLife on MarsInsectoidsUFORoboforceExploriensSpyriusUnitronIce Planet 2002Space Police IIBlacktron Future GenerationM-TronSpace Police IFuturonBlacktronClassic Space


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
0012 Space Mini-Figures.jpg0012Space Mini-Figures10Spaceman Reed (x2) 1979
0013 Space Minifigures.jpg0013Space Mini-Figures White Classic Spaceman (2) 1979
0014 Space Minifigures.jpg0014Space Mini-Figures Yellow Classic Spaceman 1979
0015 Space Mini-Figures.jpg0015Space Mini-Figures18Spaceman Reed, Yellow Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1979
08544.gif08544Rose Art Floor Puzzle, Exploriens  1996
10231-1.jpg10231Shuttle Expedition12302 astronaut, 1 service crew member$99.992011
Life On Mars.jpg1195Life on Mars Polybag412$6.992001
1211-1.jpg1211Space Stands and Brackets8$2.251982
13 Grey Space Elements.jpg13Gray Space Elements10$1.991980
14 Space Minifigures.jpg14Space Minifigures24Spaceman Reed (x2), White Classic Spaceman (x2)$3.501982
1413.png1413Rover32Assistant 2001
1414.png1414Double Hover21Martian 2001
1415.png1415Jet Scooter241 Martian 2001
1416.jpg1416Worker Robot30Martian 2001
1462 Galactic Scout.jpg1462Galactic Scout23Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut$1.991992
1476 5 set Bonus Pack.jpg14765 Item Bonus Pack145 1991
1478 Mobile Satellite Uplink.jpg1478Mobile Satellite Up-Link31M-Tron Astronaut 1991
6878 Twin Scout (Please Rename).jpg1479Double Scout22Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut, Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1991
1498 Spy-Bot.jpg1498Spy-Bot66 1987
1499 Box.jpg1499Twin Starfire85Yellow Classic Spaceman (2) 1987
1507 Space Value Pack.jpg1507Space Value Pack89Spaceman Jens, Spaceman Reed, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
1510.jpg1510Unnamed Bonus Pack151Yellow Classic Spaceman (2) 1987
1526.jpg1526Space Radar Buggy Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986 (unreleased)
1530.jpg1530Bonus Pack101Blue Classic Spaceman, Yellow Futuron Astronaut 1988
1557 Box.jpg1557Space Scooter25Red Classic Spaceman 1986
1558 Mobile Command Trailer.jpg1558Mobile Command Trailer64Black Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
1580 Package.jpg1580Lunar Scout67Blue Classic Spaceman 1986
1593 Lever Bros Space Set.jpg1593Lever Bros Space Set313Red Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1983
1616 Space Combi-Pack.jpg1616Space Combi-Pack120Blue Futuron Astronaut, Yellow Futuron Astronaut$10.001989
1620 Box.jpg1620Astro Dart35Yellow Futuron Astronaut (1) 1989
1621 Box.jpg1621Lunar MPV Vehicle102Blue Futuron Astronaut 1990
1694 Galactic Scout.jpg1694Galactic Scout23Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1992
1704 Ice Enlarger.jpg1704Ice Enlarger47Commander Cold 1994
1711 Package.jpg1711Snow Scooter18Ice Planet Astronaut$1.991994
1714 Package.jpg1714Surveillance Scooter23Spyrian 1995
1722 Box.jpg1722Unnamed Rescue/Ice Planet Value Pack1032 1994
1731 Box.jpg1731Snow Scooter181 1994
1737 Box.jpg1737Scorpion Detector1972 Exploriens$20.001996
1785 Box.jpg1785Introducing Crater Critters143$10.001995
1787-1.jpg1787Crater Cruiser1802$18.001995
1789 Box.jpg1789Star Hawk II288Unitron Astronaut, Unitron Chief$27.001995
1793 Box.jpg1793Space Station Zenon3403 1995
1843-2 Box.jpg1843Space/Castle Value Pack104Royal Knight , Spyrian$8.001996
1858-2.jpg1858Droid Scout21Ann Droid 1996
1875 Meteor Monitor.jpg1875Meteor Monitor29Blacktron Astronaut 1990
1887-1.jpg1887Rocket Detector29Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1992
1900-1.png1900Special Bonus Pack643 1994
1916 Box.jpg1916Starion Patrol181$2.001993
1954 Box.jpg1954Surveillance Scooter22Spyrian 1995
1967 Bonus Pack.jpg1967Bonus Pack1416 1993
1968 Box.jpg1968Space Express177Red Classic Spaceman 1985
1969-1.jpg1969Bot Assistant31Space Police II Officer 1993
1969.jpg1969Space Value Pack151Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
1974-2.jpg1974Star Quest37Black Futuron Astronaut White Helmet 1989
1977.jpg1977Space Value Pack82Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1983
1983-1.jpg1983Space Value Pack97Blue Classic Spaceman, Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1984
1999.jpg1999Space Value Pack89Yellow Classic Spaceman, Red Classic Spaceman 1985
2151 Robo Raider.jpg2151Robo Raider136Roboforce Astronaut$12.001997
2152-Robo Raptor.jpg2152Robo Raptor220Roboforce Astronaut$20.001997
2153.jpg2153Robo Stalker280Roboforce Astronaut, Roboforce Astronaut$30.001997
2154-Robo Master.jpg2154Robo Master362Roboforce Astronaut, Roboforce Astronaut$36.001997
2490.jpeg2490Insectoids Value Pack1673 1998
2847 Box.jpg2847UFO Flyer15Chamon 1997
Lego2853300.jpg2853300Space Police Collection87410$88.912009
2964 Box.jpg2964Space Spider46Danny Longlegs$6.001998
2965 Box.jpg2965Hornet Scout73Gypsy Moth, Gigabot$8.001998
LEGO-City-30016-Satellite.jpg30016Space Satellite34Astronaut 2011 (unreleased)
3012 Box.jpg3012Space Hover19Techdroid I 1999
3013.jpg3013Space Jet22Spyrian 1999
3014 Space Diver.jpg3014Space Diver18Ice Planet Astronaut 1999
30140.jpg30140ADU Walker34ADU Computer Specialist 2011
Gt 150-30141 gr.jpg30141Jet-Pack19ADU Rookie 2011
3015 Space Police Car.jpg3015Space Police Car181 1998
305 Crater Plates.jpg3052 Crater Plates2$6.501979
306 Space Landing Plates.jpg306Landing Plates2 1979
3069 Cosmic Wing.jpg3069Cosmic Wing23Captain Jerry Walker 1999
3070 Box.jpg3070Mosquito21Locust 1999
3071 Box.jpg3071Light Flyer19Gigabot 1999
3072-1.jpg3072Mega Tax23Captain Wizer 1999
3073 Box.jpg3073Booster21Gypsy Moth 1999
3365.jpg3365Space Moon Buggy37Astronaut$4.99 / €4.99March 2011
3368-1.jpg3368Space Centre494Astronaut (2), Service Crew Member, Operator$69.99 / €59.992011
3750 Life on Mars Accessories.jpg3750Life on Mars Accessories44$5.002001
Astrosand.jpg3928Astrobot Sandy51 2002
Astrobiffset.jpg3929Astrobot Biff51 2002
4103787.jpg4103787Exploriens Poster 19961 1996
4117463-1.jpg4117463Cyber Saucer TRU 50 Years Forever Fun Bundle109Commander X 1997
4133637.jpg4133637Life On Mars Mini-Poster1 2001
4305.jpg4305Cyborg Scout33Techdroid I$2.001997
442 Box.jpg442Space Shuttle35White Classic Spaceman 1979
452 Box.jpg452Mobile Tracking Station65White Classic Spaceman 1979
453 brickset.jpg4532 Crater Plates2 1979
453-1.jpg453Crater Plates2 1979
454-Lunar Landing Plates.jpg454Landing Plates2 1979
852709-Space Logo Shoulder Bag.jpg4560087Space Logo Shoulder Bag1 2009
462 Box.jpg462Rocket Launcher60Spaceman Reed, White Classic Spaceman$N/A1978
4741 Blacktron Value Pack.jpg4741Space Value Pack1953 1992
483 Box.jpg483Alpha-1 Rocket Base170Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman (2) 1979
487 Box.jpg487Space Cruiser155Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman$10.001979
493 Box.jpg493Space Command Center161Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2) 1978
497 Box.jpg497Galaxy Explorer338Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2)$32.001979
5034-1.jpg5034Replacement Light & Sound 1x2 Lighting Brick with Coloured Globes5 1987
5036 Space siren 2x2.jpg5036Space Siren, 2x21 1987
5039.jpg5039Monorail Stop/Reverse Switch for Space Track3 1989
5040.jpg5040Monorail 9V Motor for Space Track1 1989
5041.jpg5041Space Track Connector Lead 9V1 1989
5129 Space Accesories.jpg5129Exploriens Accessories25$4.251996
5157.jpg5157Town and Space Equipment32 1991
5177.jpg5177Town and Space Accessories35 1987
5384-1.jpg5384Space Accessories21 1998
54-UFO Action Pack.jpg54U.F.O. Action-Pack96Techdroid I (x2), Andy Droid 1997
5616.jpg5616Mini Robot19Astro-Pilot$3.49December 15, 2007 (US)/January 2, 2008 (UK)
5617-1.jpg5617Alien Jet19Alien$1.95January 2, 2008 (UK)
5619-1.jpg5619Crystal Hawk21Astronaut$3.49 / €2.99June 27, 2008 (US) / May 21, 2008 (UK)
5969-box.jpg5969Squidman Escape42Squidman, Space Police III Officer$5.99 / €5.99May 30, 2009 (US) / June 4, 2009 (UK)
5970-box.jpg5970Freeze Ray Frenzy80Kranxx, Space Police III Officer$9.99 / €10.99May 30, 2009 (US) / June 4, 2009 (UK)
5971 box.jpg5971Gold Heist205Frenzy, Space Police III Officer$19.99 / €20.99May 30, 2009 (US) / June 9, 2009 (UK)
5972 box.jpg5972Space Truck Getaway282Snake, Space Police III Officer$29.99 / €31.99May 30, 2009 (US) / June 4, 2009 (UK)
5973 HyperspeedPursuit A.jpg5973Hyperspeed Pursuit456Skull Twin (Two), Space Police III Officer$49.99 / €52.99July 1, 2009 (US) / June 4, 2009 (UK)
5974 box.jpg5974Galactic Enforcer825Kranxx, Slizer, Space Police III Officer (Three), Space Police Robot, Statue$99.99 / €94.99August 2009
5979 box (HQ).jpg5979Max Security Transport333Slizer, Snake, Space Police III Officer$39.99 / €39.99August 3, 2009 (US) / August 5, 2009 (UK) (Limited Edition)
5980 box (HQ).jpg5980Squidman's Pitstop389Space Police III Officer, Squidman, Skull Twin, Snake, Mouse$49.99July 24, 2009 (US) / August 5, 2009 (limited Edition)
516ZRdPCFlL SL500 .jpg5981Raid VPR69Rench, Space Police Commando$9.99 / €9.99December 4, 2009 (US) / December 31, 2009 (UK)
5982-2.jpg5982Smash 'n' Grab188Space Police Commando, Squidtron$19.99 / €19.99December 4, 2009 (US) / December 31, 2009 (UK)
S 5983-1 1.jpg5983Undercover Cruiser317Space Police Commando, Jawson$28.99 / €29.992010
S 5984-1 1.jpg5984Lunar Limo391Space Police Commando, Jawson, Brick Daddy$39.99 / €39.992010
Space Police Central.jpg5985Space Police Central630Space Police Commando, Space Police Chief, Jawson, Craniac, X99 Robot$79.99 / €69.99May 2010
6701-Space Mini-Figures.jpg6701Space Mini-Figures36Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2), Yellow Classic Spaceman (2) 1983
6702-Space Mini-Figures.jpg6702Space Mini-Figures56Black Classic Spaceman, Blue Classic Spaceman, Red Classic Spaceman, Spaceman Leo, Roger Robot, Robot$5.501986
6703 Space Minifigures.jpg6703Space Minifigures30Black Futuron Astronaut, Blue Futuron Astronaut, Red Futuron Astronaut, Yellow Futuron Astronaut, Blacktron Astronaut (x2)$6.001988
6704 Space Mini Figures.jpg6704Space Mini Figures44Blacktron Astronaut, Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut (x2), Space Police I Officer, M-Tron Jetpack Astronaut, M-Tron Astronaut 1991
6704 Space Explorers.jpg6705Space Explorers34Commander Cold, Spyrian (x2), Major Kartofski, Unitron Chief 1994
6710-Space Landing Pads.jpg6710Space Landing Pads  1991
6711- LEGO Mini-Figures.jpg6711LEGO Mini-Figures24Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman (2), Yellow Classic Spaceman 1983
4741 Blacktron Value Pack.jpg6741Blacktron Super Vehicle1953$24.751993
6750 Box.jpg6750Sonic Robot103Blue Classic Spaceman, Spaceman Reed 1986
6770 Futuron.jpg6770Lunar Transporter Patroller118Yellow Futuron Astronaut$26.751988
6780 Light & Sound XT - Starship.jpg6780XT Starship201Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
6781 Box.jpg6781SP-Striker230Blacktron Astronaut, Space Police I Officer$28.001989
6783 Box.jpg6783Sonar Transmitting Cruiser345Red Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman, Robot OK$55.001986
6800 Box.jpg6800Cyber Blaster19Techdroid I$2.001997
6801 Box.jpg6801Rocket Sled21White Classic Spaceman 1981
6802 Box.jpg6802Space Probe20Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
6803 Space Patrol.jpg6803Space Patrol23White Classic Spaceman 1983
6804.jpg6804Surface Rover16White Classic Spaceman$1.971984
6805 Box.jpg6805Astro Dasher26Blue Classic Spaceman 1985
6806 Box.jpg6806Surface Hopper Spaceman Reed 1985
6807-1.jpg6807Space Scooter with Robot23Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6808 Box.jpg6808Galaxy Trekkor31Blue Classic Spaceman 1987
6809 Box.jpg6809XT-5 And Droid37Blue Classic Spaceman 1988
6810 Box.jpg6810Laser Ranger36Black Futuron Astronaut$2.001989
6811 Box.jpg6811Pulsar Charger25M-Tron Astronaut$3.001990
6812 Box.jpg6812Grid Trekkor23Blacktron Astronaut Quincy 1991
6813-1 Box.jpg6813Galactic Chief231$3.001993
6814 Box.jpg6814Ice Tunnelator251$3.001993
6815 Box.jpg6815Hovertron28Nova Hunter$3.501996
6816 Package.jpg6816Cyber Blaster19Techdroid I$2.001997
6817 Box.jpg6817Beta Buzzer32Lt. Maverick$4.001998
6818 Box.jpg6818Cyborg Scout35Techdroid I$3.001997
6820 Starfire I.jpg6820Starfire I32Blue Classic Spaceman 1986
6821.jpg6821Shovel Buggy32White Classic Spaceman 1980
6822.jpg6822Space Shuttle32Red Classic Spaceman 1981
6823 Box.jpg6823Surface Transport25Yellow Classic Spaceman 1983
6824 Box.jpg6824Space Dart-I43Blue Classic Spaceman 1984
6825 Box.jpg6825Cosmic Comet37White Classic Spaceman 1985
6826 Box.jpg6826Crater Crawler26Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6827 Box.jpg6827Strata Scooter28Blue Classic Spaceman 1987
6828 Box.jpg6828Twin-Winged Spoiler57Blue Futuron Astronaut€4.991988
6829 Box.jpg6829Radon Rover52Techdroid I$5.991997
6830 Box.jpg6830Space Patroller48Yellow Futuron Astronaut 1988
6831-1.jpg6831Message Decoder32Space Police I Officer$4.001989
6832 Box.jpg6832Super Nova II40Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1991
6833 Box.jpg6833Beacon Tracer38M-Tron Astronaut$3.001990
6834 Box.jpg6834Celestial Sled53Commander Cold$4.001993
6835 Box.jpg6835Saucer Scout45Spyrian$4.001995
6836 V-Wing Fighter.jpg6836V-Wing Fighter39Andy Droid$3.001997
6837 Box.jpg6837Cosmic Creeper55Danny Longlegs$7.991998
6841.jpg6841Mineral Detector44Red Classic Spaceman 1980
6842 Box.jpg6842Shuttle Craft44Red Classic Spaceman 1981
6844 Box.jpg6844Seismologic Vehicle40White Classic Spaceman 1983
6845 Cosmic Charger.jpg6845Cosmic Charger48White Classic Spaceman 1986
6846 Box.jpg6846Tri-Star Voyager66Red Classic Spaceman$4.451984
6847 Box.jpg6847Space Dozer47Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6848-1 Box.jpg6848Interplanetary Shuttle50Spaceman Reed 1985
6848 Box.jpg6848Strategic Pursuer70Yellow Futuron Astronaut 1988
6849 Box.jpg6849Satellite Patroller39Yellow Classic Spaceman 1987
6850 Box.jpg6850Auxiliary Patroller42Yellow Futuron Astronaut 1989
6851 Box.jpg6851Tri-Wheeled Tyrax36Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1991
6852 Sonar Security.jpg6852Sonar Security611$6.001993
6854 Box.jpg6854Alien Fossilizer511$6.751996
6856 Box.jpg6856Planetary Decoder791$7.991996
6861 Super Vehicle.jpg6861Super Vehicle1903 1991
6861 Box.jpg6861X-1 Patrol Craft53Red Classic Spaceman$3.991980
SSV.jpg6862Secret Space Voyager300M-Tron Astronaut (x3) 1991
6870 Box.jpg6870Space Probe Launcher52Red Classic Spaceman 1981
6871 Box.jpg6871Star-Patrol Launcher66Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1984
6872-1 Box.jpg6872Lunar Patrol Craft85Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6874 Box.jpg6874Moon Rover63Red Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
6875 Box.jpg6875Hovercraft87Yellow Futuron Astronaut$7.751988
6876 Alienator.jpg6876Alienator82Blacktron Astronaut 1988
6877 Box.jpg6877Vector Detector62M-Tron Astronaut 1990
6878 Box.jpg6878Sub Orbital Guardian61Blacktron Astronaut Quincy$8.001991
6879 Box.jpg6879Blizzard Baron811$8.001993
6880 Box.jpg6880Surface Explorer80Yellow Classic Spaceman$7.501982
6881 Box.jpg6881Lunar Rocket Launcher94White Classic Spaceman 1984
6882 Box.jpg6882Walking Astro Grappler86Spaceman Jens 1985
6883 Box.jpg6883Terrestrial Rover99White Classic Spaceman 1987
6884 Box.jpg6884Aero-Module101Blue Futuron Astronaut 1987
6885 Box.jpg6885Crater Crawler98Black Futuron Astronaut 1988
6886 Box.jpg6886Galactic Peace Keeper115Space Police I Officer, Blacktron Astronaut$12.001989
6887 Box.jpg6887Allied Avenger98Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1991
6889-1-1004640911.jpg6889Recon Robot135Spyrian$12.001994
6890 Box.jpg6890Cosmic Cruiser111Red Classic Spaceman$11.001982
6891 Box.jpg6891Gamma-V Laser Craft132Spaceman Jens, Robot 1985
6892 Box.jpg6892Modular Space Transport141Yellow Classic Spaceman (2×) 1986
6893 Box.jpg6893Galactic Starship110Blue Futuron Astronaut, Yellow Futuron Astronaut 1987
6894 Invader.jpg6894Invader156Blacktron Astronaut$14.251987
6895 Box.jpg6895Spy-Trak I143Space Police I Officer, Blacktron Astronaut Dwayne$15.001989
6896 Box.jpg6896Celestial Forager87M-Tron Astronaut 1990
6897 Box.jpg6897Rebel Hunter140Space Police Officer, Blacktron prisoner$21.001992
6898 Box.jpg6898Ice-Sat V1331$15.001993
6899.jpg6899Nebula Outpost1462$15.001996
6900 Box.jpg6900Cyber Saucer113Commander X$22.001997
6901-1 Box.jpg6901Mobile Lab135Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1980
6901 Box.jpg6901Space Plane19Andy Droid$2.001998
6901-6902.jpg6902Space Plane19Andy Droid$2.001998
6903 Box.jpg6903Bug Blaster24Insector Leon$3.001998
6905 Box.jpg6905Bi-Wing Blaster114Lt. Maverick, Gigabot$15.001998
6907 Boz.jpg6907Sonic Stinger96Gypsy Moth$19.991998
6909 Box.jpg6909Sonic Stinger97Gypsy Moth$19.991998
6915 Box.jpg6915Warp Wing-Fighter236Andy Droid, Chamon$29.991997
6919 Box.jpg6919Planetary Prowler250Insector Leon, Gigabot$34.991998
6921 Box.jpg6921Monorail Accessory Track46$34.951988
6923 Box.jpg6923Particle Ionizer187M-Tron Astronaut, M-Tron Robot$24.001990
6925 Box.jpg6925Interplanetary Rover200Yellow Futuron Astronaut (2)$21.001988
6926 Box.jpg6926Mobile Recovery Vehicle147Yellow Classic Spaceman (2) 1986
6927 Box.jpg6927All-Terrain Vehicle167Red Classic Spaceman (1) , White Classic Spaceman (1)$14.501981
6928 Box.jpg6928Uranium Search Vehicle196Spaceman Jens, White Classic Spaceman 1984
6929 Box.jpg6929Starfleet Voyager243Red Classic Spaceman$15.001981
6930 Box.jpg6930Space Supply Station200Red Classic Spaceman (2), Yellow Classic Spaceman (2) 1983
6931 Box.jpg6931FX-Star Patroller218Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6932 Box.jpg6932Stardefender "200"242Yellow Futuron Astronaut (2)$24.001987
6933 Box.jpg6933Spectral Starguider204Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut , Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut$24.991991
6938 Box.jpg6938Scorpion Detector197Explorien x2$24.001996
6939 Box.jpg6939Saucer Centurion211Major Kartofski, Spyrian$27.001994
6940 Alien Moon Stalker.jpg6940Alien Moon Stalker259Blue Classic Spaceman, Red Classic Spaceman 1986
6941 Battrax.jpg6941Battrax276Blacktron Astronaut 1987
6942 Space Sled.jpg6942Space Sled21Danny Longlegs 1999
6943 Package.jpg6943Speed Sled21Danny Longlegs 1999
6949 Box.jpg6949Robo-Guardian360Major Kartofski, Spyrian (x2)$35.991994
6950 Box.jpg6950Mobile Rocket Transport202Yellow Classic Spaceman (2×) 1982
6951 Box.jpg6951Robot Command Centre278Spaceman Jens, Spaceman Reed, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1984
6952 Solar Power Transporter.jpg6952Solar Power Transporter299Spaceman Reed, Spaceman Jens, White Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6953 Box.jpg6953Cosmic Laser Launcher206Red Futuron Astronaut (2), Yellow Futuron Astronaut$33.001987
6954 Renegade.jpg6954Renegade302Blacktron Astronaut (x2)$29.991987
6955 Box.jpg6955Space Lock-Up Isolation Base247Space Police I Officer (x2), Blacktron Astronaut$26.001989
6965 Box.jpg6956Stellar Recon Voyager221M-Tron Astronaut(x2)$36.001990
6957-instruction.jpg6957Solar Snooper249Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut, Space Police II Officer (x2)$36.001992
6958 Box.jpg6958Android Base2673$40.001996
6959 Lunar Launch Site.jpg6959Lunar Launch Site274Spyrian (x2), Major Kartofski$35.991994
6969 Box.jpg6969Celestial Stinger258Captain Wizer, Gigabot (2)$50.001998
6970 Box.jpg6970Beta-1 Command Base254Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2)$36.991980
6971 Box.jpg6971Intergalactic Command Base312Spaceman Jens, Blue Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1984
6972 Box.jpg6972Polaris-I Space Lab386Blue Classic Spaceman (3) 1987
6973 Box.jpg6973Deep Freeze Defender420Commander Cold, Doctor Kelvin, Ice Planet Astronaut$44.991993
6975 Box.jpg6975Alien Avenger364Commander X, Techdroid I, Alpha Draconis, Chamon$60.001997
6977 Box.jpg6977Arachnoid Star Base433Danny Longlegs , Gigabot (x2), Locust$79.991998
6979 Box.jpg6979Interstellar Starfighter292Alpha Draconis, Chamon, Andy Droid$80.001997
6980 Box.jpg6980Galaxy Commander427Red Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2) 1983
6981 Box.jpg6981Aerial Intruder251Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut, Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1991
6982 Box.jpg6982Explorien Starship652Explorien, Explorien, Nova Hunter, Ann Droid$79.991996
6983 Box.jpg6983Ice Station Odyssey337Commander Cold, Doctor Kelvin, Ice Planet Astronaut$60.001993
6984 Box.jpg6984Galactic Mediator395Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut, Space Police II Officer, Space Police II Chief$59.991992
6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager.jpg6985Cosmic Fleet Voyager404Spaceman Jens, Spaceman Reed, White Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
6986 Mission Commander.jpg6986Mission Commander478Space Police I Officer (x2), Blacktron Astronaut$49.991989
6987 Message Intercept Base.jpg6987Message-Intercept Base562Blacktron Astronaut (x5) 1988
6988 Box.jpg6988Alpha Centauri Outpost406Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut (x5)$80.001991
6989 Box.jpg6989Mega Core Magnetizer486M-Tron Astronaut (x3)$59.991990
6990 Box.jpg6990Monorail Transport System715Blue Futuron Astronaut (2), Yellow Futuron Astronaut (3)$155.001987
6991 Box.jpg6991Monorail Transport Base573Unitron Chief, Unitron Astronaut (x2), Major Kartofski$178.001994
6999 Box.jpg6999Cyber Saucer109Commander X$20.001997
7049 alt1.png7049Alien Striker42ADU Pilot, Alien Trooper$4.99 / €3.99May 2011
7050 alt1.png7050Alien Defender105Alien Pilot, ADU Computer Specialist$9.99 / €9.99May 2011
7051 alt1.png7051Tripod Invader166Alien Trooper, Business Man, Alien Clinger$19.99 / €19.99May 2011
7052 alt1.jpg7052UFO Abduction211Farmer, ADU Sergeant, Alien Pilot$29.99 / €29.99May 2011
7065 alt1.png7065Alien Mothership416Alien Commander, Lotta Brix, Alien Clinger$59.99 / €59.99May 2011
7066boxjpg.jpg7066Earth Defense HQ879ADU Sergeant,

ADU Soldier, ADU Scientist, Alien Android, Alien Trooper,

Alien Clinger
$89.99 / €99.99May 2011
7067 alt1.png7067Jet-Copter Encounter375ADU Rookie, Alien Pilot (2×)$39.99May 2011
Double Hover.png7300Double Hover21Unknown Martian$2.992001
7302 Box.jpg7302Worker Robot301$3.002001
7303 Box.jpg7303Jet Scooter24Martian 2001
7308 Box.jpg7308Double Hover21Martian 2001
7309-1.jpg7309Rover28Assistant 2001
7310 Box.jpg7310Mono Jet281$4.002001
7311 Box.jpg7311Red Planet Cruiser73Altair$6.992001
7312 Box.jpg7312T3-Trike991$10.002001
7313-1.jpg7313Red Planet Protector194Centauri$20.002001
7314 Box.jpg7314Recon-Mech RP194Antares$20.002001
7315 Box.jpg7315Solar Explorer2423$35.002001
Martainmooncaper.png7316Excavation Searcher471Canopus, Pollux, Vega$50.002001
7317 Box.jpg7317Aero Tube Hangar706Arcturus, Cassiopeia, Mizar, Rigel, Vega$90.002001
Guard.jpg7320Vega5Vega 2001
Guard.jpg7321Mizar5Mizar 2001
Guard.jpg7322Altair5Altair 2000
Guard.jpg7323Guard5Centauri 2001
7644.jpg7644MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft795Claw-Tank Driver, Mission Commander, Trooper, Alien, Alien Commander$79.99 / €89.992008
Marsmission7654.JPG7645MT-61 Crystal Reaper575Astronaut, Claw-Tank Driver, Mission Commander, Alien (2), Alien Commander$49.99 / €49.99May 2008
7646-b.jpg7646ETX Alien Infiltrator333Alien, Alien Commander, Astronaut, Miner$29.99 / €29.99May 2008
7647.JPG7647MX-41 Switch Fighter235Dropship Pilot, Alien$19.992008
7648-1.jpg7648MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit130Claw-Tank Driver, Alien$9.992008
7649.jpg7649MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker759Trike Driver, Mission Commander, Alien Commander$69.99 / €49.99July / August 2008
Constructionbp.jpg7676137LEGO School Backpack $38.002010
Soccervl.jpg7676139LEGO Vertical Lunch $21.00 
7690.jpg7690MB-01 Eagle Command Base763Claw-Tank Driver, Gunner, Miner, Mission Commander, Alien (4)$89.992007
7691 Etx Alien MothershipAssault.jpg7691ETX Alien Mothership Assault436Gunner, Miner, Alien (5)$49.992007
7692-1.jpg7692MX-71 Recon Dropship435Astro-Pilot, Dropship Pilot, Alien (4)$39.992007
7693.jpg7693ETX Alien Strike246Dropship Pilot, Alien (2)$19.99October 2007
7694.jpg7694MT-31 Trike95Trike Driver, Alien$9.992007
7695.jpg7695MX-11 Astro Fighter57Astro-Pilot, Alien$4.992007
7697.jpg7697MT-51 Claw-Tank Ambush374Claw-Tank Driver, Alien (2)$29.992007
7699 MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit.jpg7699MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit635Astro-Pilot, Claw-Tank Driver, Gunner, Alien (2)$79.99October 2007
7728-1.jpg7728Jet Pack  Unreleased
7729-1.jpg7729Alien Flyer  Unreleased
78777 Alien Discovery.jpg78777Alien Discovery122Assistant, Altair, Unknown Martian$8.002001
8399 K9 Bot.jpg8399K-9 Bot22Space Police III Officer$3.49June 28, 2009 (US) / June 3, 2009 (UK)
8400 box.jpg8400Space Speeder14Snake$3.49June 28, 2009 (US) / June 3, 2009 (UK)
852019.jpg852019Space Hero Air Blaster7 2007
Atlastalpak.jpg853301Alien Conquest Battle Pack31Business Man, ADU Pilot, ADU Computer Specialist, Alien Trooper, Alien Pilot$14.99 / €9.99June 1, 2011
885 Space Scooter.jpg885Space Scooter20Red Classic Spaceman 1978
886 Space Buggy.jpg886Space Buggy23White Classic Spaceman 1979
889 Box.jpg889Radar Truck23Red Classic Spaceman 1979
891 Two-Man Scooter.jpg891Two-Man Scooter35White Classic Spaceman 1979
894 Box.jpg894Tracking Station65White Classic Spaceman 1979
897 Box.jpg897Launcher60Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1978
918 Space Transport.jpg918Space Transport85Red Classic Spaceman 1978
920-2-1.jpg920Launch Pad170Spaceman Reed, White Classic Spaceman (x2) 1979
924 Box.jpg924Transporter155Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1979
926 Command Centre.jpg926Command Centre161Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2) 1978
928 Galaxy Explorer.jpg928Galaxy Explorer338Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2) 1979
9335 Space and Airport Set.png9335Space & Airport Set118914€124.902010
30230 alt1.jpg30230Mini Mech28Jack Fireblade$3.992013
30231-1.jpg30231Space Insectoid27Chuck Stonebreaker$3.502013
70700 alt1.jpg70700Space Swarmer86Alien Buggoid, Robot Sidekick$11.99 / €9.99Late 2012 (Canada and US)
March 2013 (Australia)
70701 alt1.png70701Swarm Interceptor218Alien Mosquitoid, Solomon Blaze$19.99 / €19.992013
70702 alt1.png70702Warp Stinger310Alien Mosquitoid, Billy Starbeam, Robot Sidekick$29.99 / €29.992013
70703 alt1.png70703Star Slicer311Solomon Blaze, Robot Sidekick, Alien Buggoid$39.99 / €39.992012
B 70704 box side.jpg70704Vermin Vaporizer506Chuck Stonebreaker, Robot, Alien Buggoid$59.99 / €59.992013
70705 alt1.jpg70705Bug Obliterator711Jack Fireblade, Ashlee Starstrider, Robot, Alien Mosquitoid$79.99 / €69.992013
B 70706 box side.jpg70706Crater Creeper171Chuck Stonebreaker, Alien Buggoid$19.99 / €19.99July 2013
B 70707 box side.jpg70707CLS-89 Eradicator Mech440Jack Fireblade, Robot Sidekick (Orange)$39.99 / €39.99July 2013
B 70708 box side.jpg70708Hive Crawler560Billy Starbeam, Robot Sidekick, Alien Mantizoid, Insectoid Larva (x2)$59.99 / €59.99July 2013
B 70709 box side.jpg70709Galactic Titan1012Solomon Blaze, Max Solarflare, Robot Sidekick, Alien Mosquitoid, Alien Mantizoid, Insectoid Larva$99.99 / €99.99July 2013
Kabinsect-1.jpgInsectoids4-Pack654 1999
K7317-1.pngK7317Life on Mars Set Collection1336 2001
KMM.jpgK7690Mars Mission Collection Astronaut (12), Alien (19) 2008
K7699.jpgK7699Complete Mars Mission Collection3039$314.992007
Kabmars-1.jpgLifeon Mars 4-Pack844 2001
Pin010.jpgLifeon Mars Canopus Pin1 2001
Pocketmtron.jpgM-TronPocket Clip10M-Tron Astronaut$5.991991
UFOSticker.jpgMiscellaneousUFO Merchandise  1997
Pc90bc1.jpgPc90bc1Blacktron Post Card1 1990
Pc91bc3.jpgPc91bc3Blacktron Future Generation Postcard1 1991
Addtopicasa.pngSeatronMonorail Unknown (At least four) Unreleased
Gstk153.jpgSticker,Alien Conquest Sheet of 101 2011
VP-1.jpgVP1Ice Planet Co-Pack2243$19.991995

Other Space sets

Over the years, there have been Space-themed sets not in the actual theme itself. One example is, 10213 Shuttle Adventure from the Exclusives theme.



  • The LEGO Space logo was designed by Hjalmar Nielsen. His first version of the logo had stars surrounding the moon, but the design was considered too flashy; therefore, the stars were removed before the logo was finalized.[1]

Other space-related themes



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