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Space Adventures - Mars Alien Attack







Allison Lassieur


September 1, 2008


Mars Mission

Space Adventures - Mars Alien Attack is a Mars Mission Book released on September 1, 2008.

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Mars! Energy Crystals! Humans vs. Aliens! It's the newest toy line from LEGO and it's blasting off right now.

After discovering crystals in a nearby canyon, two miners set off to collect the ore. But aliens want the crystals too! Now the race is on to see who recovers the crystals first.


Gunner and Jaz are on scanning duty when a pocket of almost One Hundred percent pure crystals appear on the screen. They jump in the MX-81 and fly out to the dangerous Ares Canyon to get the Crystals. Jaz is worried that there might be hiding aliens but Gunner reassures him. They land and pick up the very pure crystals. Gunner realizes that they will not be able to fit any vehicles down in the canyon and decides that they will need more equipment. They fly off to tell the commander at the Eagle Command Base. Suddenly, an alien Speeder comes and fires, but is quickly blown up by Jaz. The commander is angry that Gunner and Jaz went out to the canyon without permission, but after some convincing allows them to continue their mission. The next day at sunset, two astronauts load two Mini Mining robots onto the MX-81 and headed to the cannon. They mined the whole night until the sun comes up. Suddenly, an earthquake rumbles the ground and a boulder crushes a laser of the MX-81 and both Mining Robots. They notice a few aliens in the sky and hide. After the aliens leave, Jaz and Gunner headed out and left the canyon. A few alien ships start to attack and cause the MX-81 to malfunction and fly into a Dust Storm. The dust causes the engine to sputter, and the ship begins to shut down. The aliens get lost in the dust and the two astronauts manage to park their ship at Eagle Command just as the Engine dies. The commander congratulates Jaz and Gunner.


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