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Space Port is a LEGO Town subtheme which is centered around spaceflight. It was introduced in 1999, and succeeded the Launch Command theme from 1995-1997. Space Port featured a greater number of sets, and a greater diversity of vehicles than Launch Command.

According to a storybook, a child, BB, won a competition and got to be trained as an astronaut to go to Mars. Life on Mars is a continuation of this: BB is one of the astronauts from the theme.


All sets were released in 1999.

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1180-Space Port Moon Buggy1180Space Port Moon Buggy25Astronaut 1999
1181-Space Port Spacecraft1181Space Port Spacecraft23Space Port Astronaut 1999
1181 Spacecraft1181Spacecraft231 1999
1265 Moon Buggy1265Moon Buggy25Astronaut 1999
1266 Space Probe1266Space Probe221 1999
3059-13059Mars Mission901$20.002000
3066 Cosmos Glider3066Cosmos Glider19Astronaut 1999
3067 Test Shuttle X3067Test Shuttle21Scientist 1999
3068 Radar Buggy3068Radar Buggy25Astronaut 1999
3069 Cosmic Wing3069Cosmic Wing23Astronaut 1999
5313-Space Port Accessories5313Spaceport Accessories18 1999
MVC-330F6452Mini Rocket Launcher311$3.001999
6453-1-26453Com-Link Cruiser621$6.001999
6454-1-16454Countdown Cruiser1331$20.001999
6455-16455Space Simulation Station2403$30.001999
6456-1-16456Mission Control4784$80.001999
6457 Astronaut6457Astronaut181$1.991999
64576457Astronaut Figure171$1.991999
6458 Box6458Satellite311$3.001999
6459 Fuel Truck6459Fuel Truck1122$15.001999
6460-16460Space Port Set161 1999
6461 Surveillance Chopper6461Surveillance Chopper30Shuttle Security Guard 1999
6463-1-16463Lunar Rover31Space Port Astronaut$4.001999
MVC-324F6465Space Port Jet591 1999
6469-16469Space Port Value Pack1213$10.001999

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