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"There’s no villainy like space villainy!"
―Space Villain

The Space Villain is a Minifigure that was released in 2011, as part of 8803 Minifigures Series 3.


The Space Villain has a titanium metallic robotic arm and peg leg. The rest of his clothing is black, except for the transparent yellow visor of his helmet. He features the same helmet and Laser Pistol as the Spaceman, albeit recolored. The right side of his grimacing face is robotic with a mechanical red eye, similar to Agents cyborgs such as Fire-Arm and Saw Fist. His torso features silver spacesuit printing, decorated with the lime green capital B emblem of Blacktron Future Generation.

The Space Villain was one of five minifigures chosen for a re-release in slightly altered version within the set 850458 VIP Top 5 Boxed Minifigures. In this version, his robotic peg leg is a lighter shade of silver metallic.


The Space Villain is a highly-skilled and experienced member of the shadowy criminal organization Blacktron Future Generation. His cybernetics are the results of his dangerous occupation: he lost an eye in a warship chase over Spyrius IV, lost a leg in the Insectoid hivefleet's meteor mines, and lost an arm in a black hole. He is currently planning on stealing the quasar rubies from the M-Tron Nebula.

The Space Villain is one of two playable characters in the Space Trap online game. He must use his laser pistol to shoot through the ceiling and obtain keys to advance to the next level.



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“There’s no villainy like space villainy!”

As a member of a shadowy criminal organization feared throughout the seven galaxies, the Space Villain really knows his outer space bad-guy stuff. He can hotwire a rocket neutron drive in zero-G, melt through solid plasmodic hypersteel with his nova-ray blaster, and sneak past a FuturonCorp security-bot in under 3.6 quarkoids, all while blindfolded.

Of course, full-time space villainy isn’t easy. Over the stellar cycles, the Space Villain has lost an eye in a warpship chase over Spyrius IV, misplaced a leg in the meteor mines of the Insectoid hivefleet, and he thinks his right arm might be somewhere at the other end of a black hole. Still, he wouldn’t give up his job for all the quasar rubies in the M-Tron Nebula…which just so happen to be the very next thing he’s planning to steal!



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