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Sparratus is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2014. He is part of the Spider Tribe.


He's a lower level spider soldier, and not often seen on the front lines. He fans Spinlyn, and when he asks why is the Fly(Rogon's Rock Finger) isn't flying. Spinlyn says that it's probably paralyzed by her ravishing beauty, he says "I would nod my head in agreement if I wasn't paralyzed by your ravishing beauty".

In This May Sting a Bit he and all the other members of the dark tribes (except for Scorm) assumed to be dead when the cave collapsed. In Fire Dreaming he as well as the rest of the Dark Tribes are revealed to be alive, but are quickly frozen by the Hunters.



  • Sparratus is the most common Minifigure in the 2014 Sets.
  • His name is a reference to the Roman gladiator, Spartacus.


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