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600/1 Basic Set
60000 Fire Motorcycle
60001 (disambiguation)
60001 Building Stool60001 Fire Chief Car
60002 Fire Truck
60003 Fire Emergency
60004 Fire Station
60005 Fire Boat60006 Police ATV
60007 High Speed Chase
60008 Museum Break-in60009 Helicopter Arrest
6000 LEGOLAND Idea Book
6001096 Colorado Grand Re-Opening Exclusive Set
60010 Fire Helicopter60010 LEGO Toy Chest
60011 Surfer Rescue60012 4x4 & Diving Boat
60013 Coast Guard Helicopter
60014 Coast Guard Patrol60015 Coast Guard Plane
60016 Tanker Truck60017 Flatbed Truck
60018 Cement Mixer60019 Stunt Plane
60020 Cargo Truck
60020 LEGO Stacking Bin
60021 Cargo Heliplane60021 LEGO Stacking Bin
60022 Cargo Terminal60023 City Starter Set
60024 City Advent Calendar60025 Grand Prix Truck
60026 Town Square60027 Monster Truck Transporter6002 (Disambiguation)
6002 Castle Mini-Figures
6002 Town Mini-Figures
60030 LEGO Rolling Storage Box
60031 LEGO Rolling Storage Box60032 Arctic Snowmobile
60033 Arctic Ice Crawler60034 Arctic Helicrane60035 Arctic Outpost
60036 Arctic Base Camp
60040 LEGO Building Table60041 Crook Pursuit
60042 High Speed Police Chase60043 Prisoner Transporter60044 Mobile Police Unit
60045 Police Patrol60046 Helicopter Surveillance60047 Police Station
60048 Police Dog Unit
60049 Helicopter Transporter6004 Crossbow Cart
60050 Train Station
6005188 Darth Maul
6005192 TC-1460051 High-speed Passenger Train
60052 Cargo Train60053 Race Car
60054 Light Repair Truck60055 Monster Truck60056 Tow Truck
60057 Camper Van60058 SUV with Watercraft60059 Logging Truck
60060 Auto Transporter6006139 Friends Promotional Bricks
60061 Airport Fire Truck
60062 Arctic Icebreaker60063 City Advent Calendar
60064 Arctic Supply Plane60065 ATV Patrol60066 Swamp Police Starter Set
60067 Helicopter Pursuit60068 Crooks' Hideout
60069 Swamp Police Station
60070 Water Plane Chase60071 Hovercraft Arrest
60072 Demolition Starter Set60073 Service Truck60074 Bulldozer
60075 Excavator and Truck60076 Demolition Site
60077 Space Starter Set60078 Utility Shuttle60079 Training Jet Transporter
6007 Bat Lord
60080 Spaceport60081 Pickup Tow Truck60082 Dune Buggy Trailer
60083 Snowplow Truck60084 Racing Bike Transporter
60085 4x4 with Powerboat60086 Starter Set
60088 Fire Starter Set6008 Royal King
60090 Deep Sea Scuba Scooter
60091 Deep Sea Starter Set60092 Deep Sea Submarine60093 Deep Sea Helicopter
60095 Deep Sea Exploration Vessel60096 Deep Sea Operation Base60097 City Square
60098 Heavy-Haul Train60099 City Advent Calendar
6009 Black Knight
600 Ambulance600 Police Car
60100 Airport Starter Set60101 Airport Cargo Plane
60102 Airport VIP Service60103 Airport Air Show60104 Airport Passenger Terminal
60105 Fire ATV60106 Fire Starter Set60107 Fire Ladder Truck
60108 Fire Response Unit60109 Fire Boat6010 Supply Wagon
60110 Fire Station
60111 Fire Utility Truck60112 Fire Engine60113 Rally Car
60114 Race Boat60115 4x4 Off-Roader60116 Ambulance Plane
60117 Van and Caravan60118 Garbage Truck60119 Ferry
6011 Black Knight's Treasure
60120 Volcano Starter Set60121 Volcano Exploration Truck6012298 Promotional Polybag
60122 Volcano Crawler6012306 Battle of Hoth Dice Keychain
60123 Volcano Supply Helicopter60124 Volcano Exploration Base60125 Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter
60126 Tire Escape60127 Prison Island Starter Set
60128 Police Pursuit60129 Police Patrol Boat6012 Siege Cart
60130 Prison Island
60131 Crooks Island60132 Service Station
60133 City Advent Calendar6013406 Friends Poster60134 Fun in the park - City People Pack
60135 ATV Arrest60136 Police Starter Set
60137 Tow Truck Trouble60138 High-speed Chase60139 Mobile Command Center
6013 Samurai Swordsman60140 Bulldozer Break-In
60141 Police Station60142 Money Transporter60143 Auto Transport Heist
60144 Race Plane60145 Buggy60146 Stunt Truck
60147 Fishing Boat60148 ATV Race Team60149 4x4 with Catamaran
60150 Pizza Van60151 Dragster Transporter60152 Sweeper & Excavator
60153 People pack – Fun at the beach60154 Bus Station
60155 City Advent Calendar60156 Jungle Buggy60157 Jungle Starter Set
60158 Jungle Cargo Helicopter60159 Jungle Halftrack Mission
60160 Jungle Mobile Lab60161 Jungle Exploration Site60162 Jungle Air Drop Helicopter
60163 Coast Guard Starter Set60164 Sea Rescue Plane60165 4 x 4 Response Unit
60166 Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter60167 Coast Guard Head Quarters60168 Sailboat Rescue
60169 Cargo Terminal6016 Knight's Arsenal
60170 Off-Road Chase60171 Mountain Fugitives
60172 Dirt Road Pursuit60173 Mountain Arrest60174 Mountain Police Headquarters
60175 Mountain River Heist60176 Wild River Escape60177 Airshow Jet
60178 Speed Record Car60179 Ambulance Helicopter6017 King's Oarsmen
6018031 Master Builder Academy: Kits 7-9 Subscription60180 Monster Truck
60181 Forest Tractor60182 Pickup & Caravan60183 Heavy Cargo Transport
60184 Mining Team60185 Mining Power Splitter60186 Mining Heavy Driller
60188 Mining Experts Site6018 Battle Dragon
60190 Arctic Ice Glider60191 Arctic Exploration Team60192 Arctic Ice Crawler
60193 Arctic Air Transport60194 Arctic Scout Truck60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration Base
60196 Arctic Supply Plane60197 Passenger Train60198 Cargo Train
601 Gas Pump601 Morris Marina 1100
601 Tow Truck
60201 City Advent Calendar60204 LEGO City Hospital60205 Tracks
60206 Sky Police Jet Patrol60207 Drone Chase60208 Parachute Arrest
60209 Diamond Heist6020 Magic Shop

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