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Ahsoka Tano
Air Boat (Disambiguation)
Air HostessAir Stomper
Air Taxi Pilot
Airboat (Disambiguation)Airen Cracken
Airplane MechanicAirport
Airport (DUPLO)Airport (Disambiguation)Airport (Town)
Airport WorkerAjay Sidhu
AkamaiAkamai Nuva
Akator Skeleton
AkitaAl the BarberAladdin
Alamut GuardAlan Grant
AlanaAlbert Albatross
Albert EinsteinAlbert RuncornAlbert Spindlerouter
Aldar Beedo
Aldrich KillianAlecto Carrow
Aleta OgordAlexAlex James
Alex WilderAlexander Golitsyn
Alexander PierceAlexia Sinister
Alfie the Apprentice
Alfred PennyworthAlfredo LinguiniAlfrid
AliceAlicia (Friends)
Alicia Spinnet
Alien (Disambiguation)Alien (Mars Mission)
Alien (Rock Band)Alien (Toy Story)
Alien AvengerAlien Buggoid
Alien Clinger
Alien Commander (Alien Conquest)Alien Commander (Disambiguation)Alien Commander (Mars Mission)
Alien ConquestAlien Cyborg
Alien GeneralAlien IQ Test
Alien MantizoidAlien Minifigure Clock
Alien Mosquitoid
Alien PilotAlien Queen
Alien Spider DroneAlien Trooper
Alien Trooper (minifigures)Alien Villainess
Alien Watch
All Our Sins Remembered
All good clones must come to an end.All of Nothing
Allan Houston
AllegroAllen Iverson
Alliance of the Fortrex
Allison MilesAlpha Draconis
Alpha ModeAlpha Team
AltairAlways count your clones before take-off....
Always trust secret strategy 3Amanda (Friends)
Amanda KirbyAmanda Waller
Amazing Minifigure Ultimate Sticker CollectionAmbulance Driver
Ambush Bug
AmeetAmelia Bones
America ChavezAmmand the Corsair
Amos Diggory
Amset-RaAmy (Friends)
Amy AllenAmy Farrah Fowler
Amy PondAmy RoseAmycus Carrow
An Unlikely Ally
Anakin's Jedi Starfighter
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Digital Clock
AnamariaAnchor-ManAnchorman Phil
Ancient History
Ancient Psychic Tandem War ElephantAncient Sailor
Andrea (Disambiguation)
Andrea (Friends)Andrea (Scala)
AndrewAndré SchürrleAndy
Andy DroidAngel Ornament
AngelicaAngelina Johnson
Angler Fish (Aqua Raiders)Angler Fish (Atlantis)Angler Fish (Disambiguation)
AnimalAnimal Control
Animal King Turret
Animals (Disambiguation)
AnkylosaurusAnn Droid
Ann Lee
AnnaAnna (Disney Princess)Anna (Friends)
Annapolis Grand Opening Exclusive SetAnne
Ant-ThonyAntaresAnthony Goldstein
Antoc Merrick
Antoine Walker
Antonin Dolohov
Antonio's Pizza-Rama Pizza
Antroz (Disambiguation)Anubis Guard
Apache ChiefApatosaurus
ApogeeApollo AstronautApollo Island Worker

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