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ChadChad Brentley
Cham Syndulla
ChamilleChan Chuang
Chan Kong-Sang
Chandler Grand Opening Exclusive SetChang Tzu
Chao Hui
Charged CreeperCharity Burbage
Charles Stanforth
Charlie-27Charlie (Friends)
Charlie (Velociraptor)Charlie Cat
Charlie DeglerCharlie Weasley
Charlie the Funland RobotCharlotte
Charlotte Hannon
Chase (Disambiguation)Chase McCainChase Stein
Chastity BareboneChatter Lal
CheerleaderCheerleader Badge
Cheetah (Barbara Minerva)Cheetah (Priscilla Rich)
Chef (City)Chef (Disambiguation)Chef (Indiana Jones)
Chef (Paradisa)Chef (Pickable Models)
Chef (World City)
Chef EclairChef Enzo
Chef Pig
Chen (Indiana Jones)
Cheryl Logan
CheshireCheshire CatChess
Chess QueenChester Chimp
Chew ToyChewbacca
Chi Cho
ChickenChicken (Høne)Chicken (Minecraft)
Chicken (ælling)Chicken Delight
Chicken Suit Guy
Chief (Rock Raiders)
Chief AttiburaChief Big Bear
Chief Brown BearChief Brown Bear's WifeChief Chirpa
Chief GuardChief KendoChief Longears
Chief O'HaraChief Petty Officer Unamo
Chief Wiggum
Child's Meal Toy Package - Clikits
Child's Meal Toy Package - Ollie the DragonChild's Meal Toy Package - PiratesChild's Play
Child (10211)Child (Boy)Child (Girl)
Child (Minifigures)
Chima Falls
Chima Speedorz Challenge Promotional SetChimpChinese New Year
ChipChip & DaleChip Nebula
Chip PottsChipmunk Hunk
Chirrut ÎmweChitauri
Chitauri TouristChloe
Cho ChangChocolate Bar
ChokunChoose Goose
Chopper (Sonic the Hedgehog)Chopper Maroon
Chris (Ninjago)
Chris McKayChris Pratt
Chris WebberChristian
Christmas 2009Christmas Shopping
Christmas Tree (Disambiguation)Christmas in Fabuland
Christoph Kramer
Chrome Silver Key Chain
Chuck "Stego" Jenkins
Chuck (Angry Birds)Chuck (Hidden Side)
Chuck MorrisonChuck Stonebreaker
Chunk (The Goonies)Chunk (Toy Story)
Chupa Chups Egg with Surprise Set
Chute Lurker
Cincinnati Grand Opening Exclusive SetCinderella
Cinderella (DUPLO Theatre)
Cinderella (mini-doll)Cinnamon BunCircus
Circus ClownCircus Clown Badge
Circus Ringmaster (DUPLO)
Citadel Guard
Citizen VCityCity: Fire Rescue!
City (4 Plus)
City Advent Calendar (Disambiguation)City Airport
City Astronaut FourCity Astronaut OneCity Astronaut Three
City Astronaut TwoCity Boater One
City Boater TwoCity Center
City Construction Worker Six
City Construction Worker ThreeCity Construction Worker TwoCity Criminal One
City Doctor OneCity Firefighter FiveCity Firefighter Four
City Firefighter OneCity Firefighter SevenCity Firefighter Six
City Firefighter ThreeCity Firefighter TwoCity Harbour
City Male OneCity Octan Worker One
City Police Officer (Disambiguation)City Police Officer EightCity Police Officer Five
City Police Officer FourCity Police Officer NineCity Police Officer One
City Police Officer SevenCity Police Officer SixCity Police Officer Three
City Police Officer TwoCity SailorCity Train Worker One
City Vehicles (Police)City Walk Pizza & Pasta Buffet

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