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Ice Cream Cone
Ice Cream CustomerIce Cream Jo
Ice Cream Man (Indiana Jones)Ice Cream Mike
Ice Cream SellerIce Cream Stand
Ice Cream Vendor (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Ice FactoryIce Fisherman
Ice KingIce Lagoon
Ice Monster
Ice Pilots SchoolIce Planet 2002Ice Planet Astronaut
Ice Planet FemaleIce Queen
Ice SkaterIce Vermin
Ice Warrior
IcerlotIdea Book No.2Idea Book No. 3
Idea Books
Iden Versio
Iggy Pop
Ignacio Wortan
Ignika (disambiguation)Ignition
IguanodonIlco Munica
IllagerImaginationImagination Centre
Imagination Centre Bull Shield Key ChainImagination Centre Change Bag Key ChainImagination Centre Female Baseball Key Chain
Imagination Centre Female Construction Worker Key ChainImagination Centre Female Worker Key ChainImagination Centre Football Key Chain
Imagination Centre King Key ChainImagination Centre Lunch Box Key ChainImagination Centre Male Baseball Key Chain
Imagination Centre Male Construction Worker Key ChainImagination Centre Picture Frame Blue Key ChainImagination Centre Picture Frame Red Key Chain
Imagination Centre Princess and Dragon Key ChainImagination Centre Royal Knights Key ChainImagination Centre Scorpion Key Chain
Imagination Centre Soccer Key ChainImagination Centre Spider Key ChainImagination Centre Wolfpack Key Chain
Imagination Theatre
Imperial Armada
Imperial Combat Driver
Imperial CrewImperial CrewmanImperial Death Trooper
Imperial Flagship
Imperial Ground Trooper
Imperial Guard (Minifigure)Imperial Guard - OfficerImperial Guards
Imperial GunnerImperial Hovertank Pilot
Imperial Jump Pack Trooper
Imperial Landing Craft (Disambiguation)
Imperial OfficerImperial Patrol Trooper
Imperial PilotImperial Probe DroidImperial Protocol Droid
Imperial Range TrooperImperial Recruitment OfficerImperial Shock Trooper
Imperial ShoretrooperImperial Shuttle (Disambiguation)
Imperial SoldierImperial Soldier - Governor
Imperial Soldier - OfficerImperial Soldier - SailorImperial Soldiers
Imperial Spy
Imperial Star Destroyer (Disambiguation)Imperial SwordsmanImperial Transport Pilot
Imperial Trooper
Impulse set
InGen Guard BernerInGen Guard Jerry
InGen Harbour MasterInGen Hunter
InGen Investor GeraldInGen Lab TechnicianInGen Mechanic
InGen MercenaryInGen ScientistInGen Scout
In ChargeIn His Majesty's Secret Service
Indian Chief
Indian FarmerIndian Medicine Man
Indiana Jones (Minifigure)Indiana Jones (Theme)
Indiana Jones Adventures
Indiana Jones Armour Case - BlackIndiana Jones Armour Case - Red
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost ArkIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Indigo-1Indigo Tribe Warrior
Indominus rexIndoraptorIndre Cross
InfernavikaInfernoInferno Henchman
Inferno Squad AgentInfernox
Infernox (Nexo Knights)Infomaniac
Infrablue Zedbeddy CogginsInika Island Assault
Insectoid LarvaInsectoids
Insectoids 4-PackInsectoids Invasion - An Interactive Puzzle Book
Instruction BookletIntergalactic Girl
International Space Station
International Toy Fair 2005 promotional set
InterrogationInto the BreachInto the Outlands
Invasion Beasts Combiner ModelInvasion From Planet X2½
Invasion from Below
InventorInventor Saves The Day
Invisible WomanInvizable
Irene WalshIrina Spalko
Iron BaronIron Crusher
Iron DroneIron Fist
Iron GolemIron Legion AccompliceIron Man
Iron Man 2020Iron Man 3 PosterIron Monger
Iron Patriot (Ultrabuild)

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