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No Day Like Snow DayNoah
Nokama (Disambiguation)
Nokama (minifigure)Nomanisan Guard
NomisNora FriesNorbert
Norik (Disambiguation)
Norman Osborn
Nova Corps OfficerNova CrawlerNova Hunter
Nova Prime
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November 9Nqstudios Nesquik Studios Promo 3-PackNuckal
Nuckal Articulated Figure
Nuju (Disambiguation)
Nuju (minifigure)
NumaNuparu (Disambiguation)
Nuparu (minifigure)
Nuremberg Store Opening SetNurse
Nurse Badge
Nurse Nikki
Nute GunrayNuvo Vindi
NyaNymphadora Tonks
Nynrah Ghost Blaster
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Observation TowerOccamy
Ocean KingOcean Master
OcelotOctanOctan Worker
Octan Worker (Jack Stone)
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October 9Octopus (Animal)
Octopus (Rock Band)Octopus (The Goonies)
Octopus (disambiguation)Odd Ollie
OdinOdjazd!Office & School Supplies
Officer LawsonOfficer Magda
Officer NoonanOfficer ParkOfficer Santos
Officer SumistuOfficer ToqueOgel
Ogel's Fortress
Ogel (disambiguation)Ogel Island
OgilveyOgre Smasher
Ohn GosOily Joe
OkinoOklahoma City Grand Opening Exclusive Set
Old HaddyOld LaceOld Lady
Old Lady (Adventure Time)Old Lady (The Incredibles)
Old PirateOld Quiang
Ole Kirk Christiansen
OliphauntOliphaunt Mahûd LeaderOlive Green
Oliver (Friends)Oliver Wood
Olivia (Disambiguation)Olivia (Friends)
Olivia (Scala)
Omega (Doctor Who)Omega RedOmnidroid
OmochaoOn PatrolOn a Wish and a Prayer
Onaconda Farr
Once Bitten, Twice ShyOnce and for All
One-Eyed Willy
Onewa (disambiguation)Onewa (minifigure)Oni
Online Clone Wars ComicsOnline Game
Only One Can Remain
Onua (Disambiguation)
Onua Nuva ToothbrushOod
OolaOomOpen Mike Knight
Operation Land Ho!OperatorOphi Egra
Orange Classic SpacemanOrange Explorer
Orange Lantern WarriorOrange Lunar Command Astronaut
Orc (Disambiguation)
Orc Beserker
Orca (Animal)Orca (DC Comics)
Order of Mata Nui
Orders are orders....(even highly suspicious ones)
OriOrient Bazaar VendorOrient Expedition
Orient Expedition (LEGOLAND)Orient Expedition Wallet
Orland Park Grand Opening Exclusive Set
OscarOscar Orangutan

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