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Two-FaceTwo-Face Goon
Two-Face HenchmanTwo-Gun Kid
Two Lies, One TruthTwo Minute: Quest of the Fellowship
TylerTyler's Sister
Tyrannosaurus rexTython 1Tython 2
U-3POU-Wing (Disambiguation)
U-Wing PilotUCS Promotional Poster
UFOUFO Attack Alien
Ubert "Sticks" QuarilUdesky
Ugha (Disambiguation)
Ugha AssassinUgha DiggerUgha King
Ugha PriestUgha Warrior
UgnaughtUkrainian IronbellyUltimate Collector's Series
Ultimate Factivity Collection: LEGO CityUltimate Factivity Collection: LEGO Legends of Chima
Ultimate Fire UniterUltimate Ice UniterUltimate Lightsaber Duel
Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO Friends
Ultra-HumaniteUltra AgentsUltra Agents: The Antimatter Missions
Ultra Agents AppUltra Dragon
Ultra VioletUltrabuildUltraman
UltrarexUltronUltron Sentry
Ulysses Klaw
Umarak (combiner)Umarak (disambiguation)
Umbara 1Umbara 2
Umbaran SoldierUnagami
Uncle MortyUncle Qiao
Under Siege
Undercover Cop
UnderminerUnderminer Goon
Underwater Exploration
UnicornUnicorn GirlUnicorn Guy
Unidentified Martians
UnikittyUnikitty!Unikitty! (Theme)
Unikitty News!Union Jack
UnitronUnitron Astronaut
Unitron Chief
UniversalUniversal Building SetUniversal Building Set Airport
Universal ManUniversal Pictures
Unkar's BruteUnkar's Thug
Unkar Plutt
Unknown Cowboy
Unnamed Police Officer
Unnamed Space Criminal
Unreleased Items
Uplink Speeder
UranianUrsa MajorUrsula
Uruk-hai Crossbowman
V-Wing (disambiguation)
V-Wing Fighter (Disambiguation)
VL-44VP-5 UFO Value Pack
VP1 Ice Planet Co-PackVPorient Orient Expedition Value Pack with BackpackVaash Ti
Vacation and leisure
VahkiVahki Bordakh ToothbrushVahki Nuurakh Toothbrush
Vahki Rorzakh Toothbrush
Vakama (Disambiguation)
Vakama (minifigure)Val
Valiant KnightValkyrie
VampireVampire (Minifigures)
Vampire (Studios)
Vampire BadgeVampire Bat
Vampire Lord
Vampyre's Bride
VanByter No. 307VanByter No. 407Vancouver Grand Opening Exclusive Set
Vancouver T-ShirtVandal Savage
Vanessa the Desk ClerkVardy
VarmikVarond Jelik
Vaughn GeistVectressVega
Vega (Friends)Vegetable Gremlin
Velma Dinkley

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