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Wacky WitchWade
Wag TooWaikiru
Wairuha NuvaWaiter
Waiter (Indiana Jones)Waiter (Minifigures)Waiter (Paradisa)
Waitress SallyWakzWald
Walden Media
Wally (The LEGO Movie)Walt Disney
Walter DonovanWalter Peck
War MachineWarbirdWarden Fielding
Warden StonewallWardrobe
WargWarm Gold
Warm Yellowish OrangeWarmaker
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
WarriorWarrior (Ninjago)
Warrior (Racers)Warrior WomanWarriors of Stone
Wasp (Hope van Dyne)Wasp (Janet van Dyne)
Wasp (Nadia Pym)Wasted True Potential
Wat TamborWatch Commander
Watch Out, Monsters About!Watch Set, Aqua Raiders
Watermelon Dude
WattWattoWauwatosa Grand Opening Exclusive Set
Wave SurferWaxer
Way of the NinjaWay of the Ninja (Book)
WaylonWaylon Smithers, Jr.
WeaponWeapons of Destiny
WeazelWedge Antilles
Weekend at Halbert'sWeeping AngelWeequay
Weight Lifter
Welcome to Heartlake CityWelderWendell Borton
Werewolf (Disambiguation)Werewolf (Heroica)Werewolf (Minifigures)
Werewolf (Studios)
Wes JansonWestern
Western RideWestern Sweets
Whack-an-AlienWhat Colour is it?
Whenua (Disambiguation)Whenua (minifigure)
Whisker Haven
WhiteWhite Classic Spaceman
White DogWhite GlowWhite Knight
White Lava Dragon KnightWhite Magma MinerWhite Minotaurus Gladiator
White NindroidWhite Ninja Princess
White SpartanWhite StatueWhite Tiger
White Wolf
Who Let the Clones OutWho is the Phantom Ninja?Whomping Willow
Whorm Loathsom
WiccanWick CooperWicked Witch of the West
Wicket W. Warrick
WidowmakerWiesbaden Store Opening Set
Wild Will
Wild Woods GolfWild Woods Golf Pencil
WildcatWildlife Photographer
Wiley FusebotWilfred's Rocking ChairWilfred's Treasure
Wilfred Walrus
Will.i.amWill ArnettWill Byers
Will ScotianWill Turner
Willa the Witch
WilliamWilliam Furno
William ShakespeareWilliam Walrus
Williams F1
Willie Scott
Wilma FlintstoneWince
WindmillWindmill (ISS)
Window Cleaner (10211)WindraWinds of Change
Winged Cow
Wings of FireWinkie Guard
Winnie the Pooh (DUPLO)Winnie the Pooh (Theme)
WinstonWinston DeavorWinston Zeddemore
Winter Stunt PoliceWinter Village
Winter Village Townsperson OneWinter Village Townsperson ThreeWinter Village Townsperson Two
Witch (Disambiguation)
Witch (Grey)Witch (Minecraft)Witch (Minifigures)
Witch (White)
Wither SkeletonWizard
Wizard (Blue)
Wizard (Green)Wizard (Heroica)
Wizard (Kingdoms)Wizard (Marvel)
Wizard (Minifigures)Wizard (Red)Wizard (White)
Wizard SkeletonWizard of Oz
Wizards Fireworks
Wo ist die Maus?
Wolf (Minecraft)
Wolf GuyWolf Huntress
Wolf SoldiersWolfpack
Wolfpack BanditWolfpack Clone Trooper
WomanWoman (10197)
Womp RatWonald
Wonder DogWonder GirlWonder Man
Wonder WomanWondrous Weightlifter
WongWood Products
Wooden AbacusWooden CowWooden Crocodile
Wooden DuckWooden ElephantWooden Horse with milkcart
Wooden LEGO Cat

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