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Bright OrangeBright PurpleBright Red
Bright Reddish Lilac
Bright Reddish OrangeBright Reddish VioletBright Violet
Bright YellowBright Yellowish Green
Bright Yellowish Orange
Brine KingBritish AirwaysBritish Commander
British OfficerBritish Soldier
BrodyBronze Tiger
BroondjongenBrother/Sister SquadBrother 1
Brother 2Brother 3
Brother EyeBrotherhood of Makuta
BrownBrown Monster
Bruce (Jaws)Bruce Banner
Bruce SwiftBruce Wayne
Bruce Willis
Bubba Blaster
BubblesBubbles (Friends)Buber
BuckoBucky Barnes
Bucky ButlerBuddy PineBudujemy!
Bug BattleBugging OutBuggy
Build & Test Centre
Build Together
Build with Chrome
Build your BrainBuild your own Toy Story Adventures!
Buildable Galaxy
Builder's Island
Builder (DUPLO)Builder (Disambiguation)
Builder (LEGO Battles)
Builder Pete
Building Set with People
BulkBulk 3.0 and Furno 3.0 Combiner Model
Bulk 5.0 and Bruizer combiner model
Bulk and Core Hunter Combiner Model
BulkarBull WarriorsBullet Bill
Bullseye (Marvel)
Bullseye (Toy Story)Bullseye (disambiguation)
Bullseye the Target Dog
Bum ShakerBumblebee
Bumblebee GirlBumpyBungee Trampolines
BunicBunnyBunny (Toy Story)
Bunny Suit GuyBurger House
Burger KingBurger PersonBurger Ranch
BurnzieBurrobotBurt "Birdman" Wellington
Bus DriverBus Driver (City)Bus Driver (Disambiguation)
Bus Driver (SpongeBob SquarePants)Bus Driver (Transport)
Business ManBusinessman
Businessman (Minifigures)Businesswoman
Buster BulldogButch Cavendish
Butch PattersonButcher
Butler Bot
ButterflyButterfly GirlButterfly Tiara
Buzz BomberBuzz DroidBuzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear Cube DudeBuzz Minifigure Clock
BuzzsawBuzzy BeetleBuzzy Bulldog
C'ai ThrenalliC-3PO
C001 LEGO Star Wars Clock
C04de4ju 2004 Medium 4 Juniors
CDB26 From the LEGO Vaults, Volume 2: 2-disc CD-RomCHI
Cabin BoyCable Crawler
CaceyCactus GirlCad Bane
Cafe Game
Cafe Waitress (Luchino Caffe)Cafe Waitress (Treats)
Cairo Henchman
Cairo Swordsman
Cake CoreCake Guy
Calamity DroneCalculatorCalendar Man
Calgary Store Opening SetCalling All Cars!
Cam Attaway
Camera Man
CamillaCan of Worms
Canada Post
Canary (Arrow)Cancelled TECHNIC Video Game
Candy CornerCandy Rapper
Cannon Sentry
Cannonball JimmyCannonball Taylor
Capitaine Chevalle
Capt. ReynoldsCaptain's Hotdog
Captain Ace GunnCaptain Ace Speedman
Captain AmericaCaptain America 2099
Captain America RobberCaptain America and Iron Man Combiner Model
Captain AssyriaCaptain AvalonCaptain Bellamy
Captain BoomerangCaptain BrickbeardCaptain Britain
Captain ClownCaptain ColdCaptain Corbett
Captain D. RomCaptain Dale
Captain FearCaptain FoulCaptain Geoff
Captain Hank HydroCaptain HookCaptain Indigo

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