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Scala FigureScallywag Pirate
Scarab Bouncers Badge
Scarecrow (Disambiguation)
Scarecrow (Minifigures)Scarecrow (The Wizard of Oz)Scarecrow Goon
Scarecrow MonsterScarif Rebel Trooper
ScarletScarlet SpiderScarlet Witch
Scarlett (Disambiguation)Scarlett (Friends)
Scarlett (Pirates of the Caribbean)Scarlett the BuccaneerScarred Johnny
ScaryScary Tales
Scavenger SamScavengers
School for Crooks
Scientist (Batman)Scientist (Disambiguation)
Scientist (Indiana Jones)Scientist (Jurassic World)Scientist (Launch Command)
Scientist (Minifigures)Scientist (Minifigures) (Disambiguation)
Scientist (Space Port)Scientist (Spider-Man)
Scientist Phil
Scooby-Doo (Minifigure)Scooby-Doo (Theme)
ScoopScooter (Arctic)
Scooter (LEGO Racers)
Scooter (Ninjago)Scooter (disambiguation)
ScorpionScorpion (Disambiguation)Scorpion (Marvel)
Scorpion (Pharaoh's Quest)Scorpion (Rock Raiders)
Scorpion Armour - Vladek
Scorpion Cape - VladekScorpion Mask - VladekScorpion Palace Guard
Scorpion PuzzlerScorpion Shield - VladekScorpion Soldiers
Scott (Ninjago)
Scott FrancisScott HoyingScott Lang
Scott MitchellScout
Scout TrooperScouting for Leia
ScramblerScrappy the JanitorScraps
Scratch (Pirates of the Caribbean)Scratch (Racers)
Scratch (disambiguation)
Screenslaver GoonScrimper
Scrooge McDuckScrug
Scurvy DogScutter
Sea-Tron AlienSea-Tron Monorail
Sea Captain (Minifigures)Sea KingSea Monster
Sea RescuerSea RetrieverSea Serpent
Sea Spider
SeagullSeamus Finnigan
Seamus McFlySearch for the Pirate's Treasure
Seatron Astronaut
Secret Mission 1: The Doom BoxSecret Mission 2: Legion of Darkness
Secret Mission 3: Collision CourseSecret Mission 4: Robot RampageSecret Mission 5: Mirror World
Secret Plans Are Revealed
Secret of the WolfSecretary
Secretary (Undercover)Secrets Discovered
Security Battle DroidSecurity DroidSecurity Guard
Security Guard (Jurassic World)Security Guard (Undercover)
Security Guard (World City)Security Guard Meller
Security Supervisor
Selina Kyle
Selma BouvierSenate Commando
Senate Commando Captain
Senator KharrusSenator Philo
Senator Yorn
Sensei Keiken
Sensei Wu Articulated FigureSensei Yang
Sentai Mountain
Sentai Tower
SentinelSentinel (Marvel)
Sentinel ChannardSentinel DeckerSentinels (LEGO City Undercover)
Sentry Turret
Separatist Bounty HunterSeptemberSeptember 1
September 10September 11September 12
September 13September 14September 15
September 16September 17September 18
September 19September 2September 20
September 21September 22September 23
September 24September 25September 26
September 27September 28September 29
September 3September 30September 4
September 5September 6September 7
September 8September 9
Seraphina PicquerySergeant Edian
Serious PlaySerpentine
Serpentine TrainService Crew Member
Service PacksService WorkerService and Repair
Set references
SetamSets with different set numbers
Seventh Sister
SeverSeverin Black
Sew-On Black Knights PatchSewer Baby
Seymour BricksteinSeñor Palomar

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