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The Princess and the Dragon
The Prodigal FatherThe ProtectorThe Queen
The Quest Begins!The Quest for BrickBeard's Bounty
The Quest for R2-D2 (film)The Quest for R2-D2 (game)
The Quest for the Lost CityThe Quest for the Secret RelicsThe Quiet One
The RaptorThe Real FallThe Restless Mummy
The Revenge of the Aztec QueenThe Riddler
The Rise of the Great DevourerThe Robot Chronicles
The Rock RaiderThe Royal Blacksmiths
The ScarecrowThe Search for Zane
The Secret Journal of Dr. Artimus RhodesThe Secret of Scorpion Palace
The Shipyard
The Siege of Helms Deep Online Game
The SimpsonsThe Skull Sorcerer
The Snake King
The Snowball EffectThe Son of Lilly
The SpaniardThe Speedway Five-BillionThe Spoiler
The Stealth Swimmer
The StigThe Stig Key ChainThe Stone Army
The Stranger in the HalpsThe Sun / News of the World Promotion
The SurgeThe Survival ModeThe Swamp Creature
The TECHNIC GarageThe Temple
The Temple of MadnessThe Temple on Haunted HillThe Test
The Thespian
The Titanium NinjaThe Tournament of ElementsThe Tower of Aliston Nor
The Toy BloxThe Trail of the Treasures!The Traveler's Tree
The TumblerThe Two Blades
The Upply Strike Back!
The VoidThe Walker Mode
The Warrior WithinThe Watcher in the WaterThe Way Back
The Weakest Link
The Werewolf
The Worst Rescue EverThe Yoda Chronicles
The Zone
TheresaTheron NettThestral
This May Sting a Bit
Thok (Disambiguation)Thok (minifigure)
ThomasThomas & Friends
Thomas (Scala)Thomas Kirk Kristiansen
Thomas MüllerThomas Wayne
Thor Girl
Thor the warriorThorfinn Rowle
Thornax Launcher
Three Virtues
Thuggee GuardThuggee Priest
Thunder Blazer
ThunderstrikeThwompThyra the Valkyrie
ThéodredTia Dalma
Tic tac toeTick TockTicket Clerk
Ticket OfficerTidus
Tiger Soldier
Tiger Woman
TiggerTigraTiki Golem
TimTim DrakeTim Duncan
Tim Welch
Timber RideTime
Time Blades
Time Cruisers
Time Twister
Timmy (Disambiguation)Timmy (Primo)
Timmy (World City)
Timmy MurphyTimothy LovejoyTin Woodman
Tine WorkerTinker Bell
TinkererTinseltown Toons

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