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A list of all pages that have property "Accessories" with value "[[Part bb505|Sword]], Bowler Hat, [[Gun]], [[Peg Leg]]". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Cyborg (Minifigures)  + ([[Part 95199|Laser gun]] Armor)
  • Solomon Blaze  + ([[Part 95199|Ray Gun]])
  • Billy Starbeam  + ([[Part 95199|Ray Gun]])
  • Chuck Stonebreaker  + ([[Part 95199|Ray Gun]])
  • Jack Fireblade  + ([[Part 95199|Ray Gun]])
  • Ashlee Starstrider  + ([[Part 95199|Ray Gun]])
  • Max Solarflare  + ([[Part 95199|Ray Gun]])
  • Galactic Bounty Hunter  + ([[Part 95199|Spacegun]], Wanted Poster)
  • Gladiator  + ([[Part 95673|Sword]] (Pearl Dark Grey) [[Part 91884|Shield]] (Pearl Dark Grey) [[Part 95676|Murmillo Helmet]])
  • Ladybug Girl  + ([[Part 98138pb177|Ladybug]] and Leaf)
  • Sleepyhead  + ([[Part 98382pb001|Teddy bear]])
  • Panda Guy  + ([[Part 98382pb003|Panda stuffed animal]])
  • Spooky Girl  + ([[Part 98382pb005|Dreddy Bear]] Skirt)
  • N-POP Girl  + ([[Part 98382pb06|Teddy bear]])
  • Nurse  + ([[Part bb150|Syringe]] (Light Stone Grey)<br/>Clipboard)
  • Alien Trooper (Alien Conquest)  + ([[Part bb151|Laser gun]])
  • Alien Pilot  + ([[Part bb151|Ray Gun]])
  • Alien Commander (Alien Conquest)  + ([[Part bb151|Ray Gun]])
  • Intergalactic Girl  + ([[Part bb151|Ray Gun]] (Flat Silver) Laser Beam (Blue) Interchangeable [[Helmet]] [[Part 90396|Hair]])
  • Alien Android  + ([[Part bb151|Ray Gun]]<br/>Claw with robotic arm<br/>Peg-leg)
  • Batman (Minifigure)  + ([[Part bb201|Batarang]]<br> Grapple [[Part bb201|Batarang]]<br></br>Grapple Batarang<br></br>Bat-cuffs<br></br>[[Part 3959|Grapple Gun]]<br></br>[[Cape]]<br></br>[[Part 55704|Bat Cowl]]<br></br>Brick-Built wings<br></br>[[Part 10113|Remoulded Bat Cowl]]<br></br>Dark blue jetpack<br></br>Black wings (moulded)<br></br>Breathing Apparatus<br></br>Flippers<br></br>Harpoon<br>lue jetpack<br> Black wings (moulded)<br> Breathing Apparatus<br> Flippers<br> Harpoon<br>)
  • Tennis Player  + ([[Part bb471|Tennis Racket]] (White))
  • Legolas  + ([[Part bb482|Bow and Arrow]])
  • Haldir  + ([[Part bb482|Bow and Arrow]]<br>Cape)
  • Musketeer  + ([[Part bb505|Rapier (Foil)]]<br />[[Hat]]<br />Feather)