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A list of all pages that have property "Variations" with value "[[Space Police III Officer]]<br />[[Space Police Chief]]". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Racer  + ([[Speed Racer (Minifigure)|Speed Racer]]<br />[[Snake Oiler]]<br />[[Racer X]]<br />[[Taejo Togokhan]]<br />[[Cannonball Taylor]]<br />[[Gray Ghost]]<br />Blue<br />Red<br />[[Michael Schumacher]]<br />[[Rubens Barrichello]])
  • Robber Chief  + ([[Studios]] [[actor]])
  • Actor  + ([[Stunt Man]]<br />[[Johnny Thunder][[Stunt Man]]<br />[[Johnny Thunder]] Actor<br />[[Mike]] Actor<br />[[Robber Chief]] Actor<br />[[Axle]] Actor<br />[[Actress]]<br />[[Pippin Reed]] Actress<br />[[Gentleman]]<br />[[Lady]]<br />[[Police Officer]] Actor<br />[[Captain Redbeard]] Actor<br />[[Quiky]][[Quiky]])
  • Combustix  + ([[Sulfurix]] ([[rock monster]]) See [[Lava Monster (Power Miners)|Lava Monster]])
  • Geolix  + ([[Sulfurix]]<br />[[8962 Crystal King|Crystal King]] <small>(Large [[Sulfurix]])</small>)
  • Francesco Bernoulli  + ([[System]], [[DUPLO]])
  • Shu Todoroki  + ([[System]], [[DUPLO]])
  • Guido  + ([[System]], [[Duplo]])
  • Luigi (Cars)  + ([[System]]<br />[[DUPLO]])
  • Dancing Girl  + ([[Tap Dancer]])
  • Andy Droid  + ([[Techdroid I]])
  • Raptor Stunt  + ([[The Raptor]])
  • Chatter Lal  + ([[Thuggee]])
  • Jaller (minifigure)  + ([[Toa Inika]], [[Toa Mahri]])
  • Hewkii (minifigure)  + ([[Toa Inika]], [[Toa Mahri]], Toa Mahri (incorrect head))
  • Crystalien Conflict/Vehicle Factory  + ([[Training Camp]])
  • Meltrox  + ([[Tremorox]]<br />[[Infernox]] ([[Lava Monster (Power Miners)|lava monster]]))
  • Two-Face Goon  + ([[Two-Face Henchman]]<br />[[Two-Face Bodyguard]])
  • Crystalien Conflict/Training Camp  + ([[Vehicle Factory]])
  • Viking Chess King Blue  + ([[Viking Chess King Red]]<br />[[Viking King]]<br />[[Viking King 2]]<br />[[Viking Warrior 5a]]<br />[[Viking Warrior 5b]])
  • Viking Warrior 5a  + ([[Viking Chess King Red]]<br />[[Viking Chess King Blue]]<br />[[Viking King]]<br />[[Viking King 2]]<br />[[Viking Warrior 5b]])
  • Viking King  + ([[Viking Chess King Red]]<br />[[Viking Chess King Blue]]<br />[[Viking King 2]]<br />[[Viking Warrior 5a]]<br />[[Viking Warrior 5b]])
  • Viking Warrior 3c  + ([[Vikings]])
  • Durmstrang Student  + ([[Viktor Krum]])
  • Beauxbatons Student  + ([[Viktor Krum]])