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A list of all pages that have property "Variations" with value "Yellow or blue arms, face". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Stephanie  + (White/magenta<br />Aqua/pink<br />White/purple<br>Green/white<br>Dark blue/white<br>Purple/white<br>School uniform)
  • User:Wikiatastic  + (White/magenta<br />Aqua/pink<br />White/purple<br>Green/white<br>Dark blue/white<br>Purple/white<br>School uniform)
  • Gandalf  + (White<br/>Grey<br>Grey, without cape and hat<br>[[Microfigure]])
  • Skeleton Warrior  + (White<br>[[Black Skeleton Warrior|Black]]<br>[[Black Knight Skeleton|Black Knight]])
  • User:DC Comic Nerd  + (Winter and Summer)
  • Mac McCloud  + (With Aviator Helmet<br />With Pillbox Hat<br />As [[Microfigure]])
  • Alien (Mars Mission)  + (With Jetpack<br/>[[Alien Commander (Mars Mission)|Alien Commander]])
  • Ann Droid  + (With Light<br /> With [[Helmet]])
  • Captain Valiant  + (With and without chestplate)
  • Crystal Miner  + (With and without flippers)
  • Lord Vampyre  + (With cape<br>Without cape)
  • Morro  + (With cape<br>Without cape<br>Evil Green Ninja)
  • Ugha Warrior  + (With hair <br> No hair)
  • Mirkwood Elf Guard  + (With hood and quiver, Without)
  • Hannah Hippopotamus  + (With necklace, LEGO Centre)
  • Lionel Lion  + (With necklace, With hat)
  • Mike Monkey  + (With red hat, With grey hat)
  • Willa the Witch  + (Without Cape)
  • Kit Fisto  + (Without Cape<br/>With Cape)
  • Danju  + (Wolf Breastplate)
  • Tourist (Agents)  + (Woman with red hair <br /> Man with astronaut shirt <br /> Man with Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses)
  • Mary Jane Watson  + (World Unity Fair<br>Field Trip<br>Pyjamas<br>''Spider-Man 2''<Br>''Ultimate Spider-Man'')
  • Professor Dumbledore  + (Yellow Flesh<br />Pink Robes<br />Light Blue Robes<br />Light Blue Robes<br />[[Microfigure]]<br />20th Anniversary Gold)
  • Rubeus Hagrid  + (Yellow Skin<br />Flesh Skin<br />2010 Redesign<br />2018 redesign<br />Yule Ball<br />20th Anniversary Gold)
  • Qui-Gon Jinn  + (Yellow Skin<br>Flesh-colored Skin and Redesigned Robe<br>2011 redesign<br>2012 redesign<br>2014 Redesign)
  • Dragon Master Burnabus  + (Yellow plumes, red plumes, blue plumes, no cape)
  • RA-7 Protocol Droid  + (Yoda Chronicles, Death Star)
  • Male Peasant  + (Young, Elderly)
  • Dr. Julien  + (Young<br>Middle-aged<br>Old<br>Very old)
  • Captain Redbeard  + ([[1989]], [[Studios]], [[4+]], [[2015]], [[Ideas]])
  • Bruce Wayne  + ([[2006]] [[Batman (Theme)|Batman]] variation<br>[[Super Heroes]] Redesign<br>See Also: [[Batman (minifigure)|Batman]])
  • Hikaru  + ([[2006]] suit <br> [[2007]] suit <br> [[2008]] suit)
  • Takeshi  + ([[2006]] suit, [[2007]] suit, [[2008]] suit)
  • Ha-Ya-To  + ([[2006]] suit<br />[[2007]] suit<br />[[2008]] suit)
  • User:MrFlameYT  + ([[2014]] - Present)
  • Protocol Droid  + ([[4-LOM]]<br />[[C-3PO]]<br />[[K-3PO]]<br />[[R-3PO]]<br />[[TC-14]]<br />[[TC-4]]<br />[[Death Star Droid]]<br />[[RA-7 Protocol Droid]]<br />[[O-MR1]]<br />[[W1-LE]])
  • Builder (Pirates)  + ([[6243 Brickbeard's Bounty|6243]] (clean-shaven)<br/>[[4850307 LEGO Battles|4850307]] (stubble))
  • Imperial Soldier - Sailor  + ([[6274 Caribbean Clipper]])
  • Scary  + ([[7461 Scary Plush Mini|Mini Plush]] <br/> [[7457 Scary Plush|Normal Plush]])
  • Goblin Scribe  + ([[79010 The Goblin King Battle]]<br>[[LEGO The Hobbit: The Video Game]])
  • Astronaut  + ([[ADU Soldier]]<br /> [[M-Tron Astro[[ADU Soldier]]<br /></br>[[M-Tron Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[Blacktron Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[M-Tron Jetpack Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[Yellow Lunar Command Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[Orange Lunar Command Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[Green Lunar Command Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[ADU Sergeant]]<br /></br>[[ADU Rookie]]<br /></br>[[Ice Planet Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[Space Police II Officer]]<br /></br>[[Space Police III Officer]]<br /></br>[[Space Police I Officer]]<br /></br>[[Astronaut (City)]]<br /></br>[[Astronaut (Mars Mission)]]<br /></br>[[Blue Futuron Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[Yellow Futuron Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[Red Futuron Astronaut]]<br /></br>[[Blue Classic Spaceman]]<br /></br>[[Yellow Classic Spaceman]]<br /></br>[[Red Classic Spaceman]]<br /></br>[[Spaceman]]<br /></br>[[Space Woman]]<br /></br>[[Space Police III Commando]]<br /></br>[[ADU Computer Specialist]]<br /></br>[[Level One Master Builder Academy Minifigure]]<br /></br>[[Ashlee Starstrider]]<br /></br>[[Billy Starbeam]]<br /></br>[[Chuck Stonebreaker]]<br /></br>[[Jack Fireblade]]<br /></br>[[Solomon Blaze]][[Solomon Blaze]])
  • Governor Broadside  + ([[Admiral Woodhouse]] (S@H, ''LEGO Racers'')<br/>[[Governor Tierney]] (''LEGO Battles''))
  • Crystalien Conflict/Saboteur  + ([[Alien (Mars Mission)]])
  • Crystalien Conflict/Viper Attack  + ([[Alien (Mars Mission)|Alien Drone]])
  • Pit Droid  + ([[Anakin Skywalker|Anakin]]'s Pit Droid<br />[[Sebulba]]'s Pit Droid<br />[[Gasgano]]'s Pit Droid)
  • Techdroid I  + ([[Andy Droid]])
  • Monster Fighters (Minifigures)  + ([[Ann Lee]], [[Dr. Rodney Rathbone]], [[Frank Rock]], [[Jack McHammer]] and [[Major Quinton Steele]].)
  • Crystalien Conflict/Jetpack Explorer  + ([[Astronaut (Mars Mission)|Infantry]])
  • Astromech Droid  + ([[BB-8]]<br />[[BB-9E]]<br />[[[BB-8]]<br />[[BB-9E]]<br />[[C1-10P]]<br />[[Dark Blue Astromech Droid]]<br />[[M9-G8]]<br />[[R1-G4]]<br />[[R2-A5]]<br />[[R2-D2]]<br />[[R2-KT]]<br />[[R2-Q2]]<br />[[R2-Q5]]<br />[[R2-R7]]<br />[[R2-X2]]<br />[[R3-A2]]<br />[[R3-D5]]<br />[[R3-M3]]<br />[[R3-S6]]<br />[[R4-G0]] <br />[[R4-G9]] <br />[[R4-P17]]<br />[[R4-P44]]<br />[[R4-D5]]<br />[[R5-D4]]<br />[[R5-D8]]<br />[[R5-F7]]<br />[[R5-J2]]<br />[[R6-H5]]<br />[[R7-A7]]<br />[[R7-D4]]<br />[[R8-B7]]<br />[[T7-O1]] <br /> [[Q7 Astromech Droid]][[Q7 Astromech Droid]])
  • Jungle Guide  + ([[Barranca]])