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The Sphinx is a Pharaoh's Quest creature introduced in 2011. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)


Beware if you choose to trespass within the fabled Temple of Anubis, because the jackal-headed Sphinx that towers above it is no mere carving! Venture too close and this colossal beast of stone will magically come to life and rise to all fours to attack anyone who tries to take the Pharaoh’s ancient Golden Sword. With enormous teeth and claws of stone, and the size and strength to crush anything in its path, this giant beast is no mere myth, but a legendary monster that’s almost impossible to defeat!


  • The original Sphinx from Egypt is a lion-like statue with a pharaoh's head, instead of a jackal-like statue (although it's speculated that the statue was originally a statue of Anubis before it was modified to have the head and face of a pharaoh). It was placed in front of Egyptian pyramids to protect the pharaoh's body during the afterlife.
  • In Egyptian mythology, the Sphinx are quite good at telling riddle and are very strong and intelligent.
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