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This article is about the theme. For the Minifigure, see Spider-Man (minifigure).
This article is about the movie-based theme. For the TV show based theme, see Marvel.

Spider-Man was a theme tie-in between LEGO and Columbia Pictures. It was a full line of sets featuring characters from the first two Spider-Man movies.

In 2002, Spider-Man at first was a sub-theme of Studios, and concentrated on creating a Spider-Man movie with LEGO, instead of the actual story of the films.

Later, in 2003, the sets were no longer part of the Studios theme, and focused on recreating the movie events from the first film with LEGO, like the majority of movie based LEGO sets.

In 2004, the Spider-Man 2 subtheme was released, and then the theme was discontinued. Spider-Man (4 Plus), a 4+ Spider-Man theme, was also released during the same year.

In 2012, the Spider-Man theme returned as part of the Marvel subtheme of Super Heroes. Unlike the 2002-2004 movie-based Spider-Man series, the Super Heroes Spider-Man sets are based off of the TV series Ultimate Spider-Man. Currently the new sets bare no resemblance to the previous theme and so far only Spider-Man, Doc Ock, J. Jonah Jameson, Green Goblin and Mary Jane Watson have been redesigned.


  • Between 2006 and 2011, MEGA BLOKS made licensed sets of Spider-Man and other Marvel Super Heroes, but in 2012, the Marvel license was returned to The LEGO Group as part of the Super Heroes theme.
  • Some of the Spider-Man sets contain minifigures that are not actually in the movie scenes that the sets depict.
  • Spider-Man is one of two superhero themes to come before a larger theme based on it was released.



Minifigures (Sorted By Movie)

Peter Parker
Peter 20Parker2
Mary Jane Watson
Mary Jane
Mary Jane3
Norman Osborn2
Taxi Driver2
SpiderMan3 1
Ambulance Driver
Harry Osborn1
Harry Osborn2
Aunt May
J Jonah Jameson
Jewel Thief1
Jewel Thief2
Peter Parker3
Security Guard
Subway Train Conductor
Spider-Man (2002)Spider-Man (2003)Spider-Man (Wrestling Costume)Peter ParkerPeter Parker (Field Trip)Mary Jane WatsonMary Jane (Field Trip)Mary Jane (Pajamas)CriminalGreen GoblinGreen Goblin (Unprinted Mask)Norman OsbornScientistTaxi DriverSpider-Man (2004)Ambulance DriverHarry Osborn (Navy Blue Suit)Harry Osborn (Grey Suit)Highway PatrolmanAunt MayJ. Jonah JamesonMary Jane WatsonJewel ThiefJewel Thief 2Peter ParkerSecurity GuardSubway Train ConductorDoc OckOck (Smiling)Ock (Frowning)Ock (Fusion Lab)


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
10075-1-210075Spider-Man Action Pack25Green Goblin , Mary Jane Watson , Director , Peter Parker , Police Officer , Spider-Man , Stunt-Man 2002
1374-41374Green Goblin55Mary Jane Watson, Green Goblin$6.992002
1375-11375Wrestling Scene128Spider-Man (Wrestler), Bone Saw, Camera Man 2003 (unreleased)
101376Spider-Man Action Studio244Spider-Man,

Peter Parker, Stunt-man, Director,

4850-14850Spider-Man's First Chase188Spider-Man (Wrestling Suit), Highway Patrolman, Uncle Ben's Killer$20.002003
4851-14851The Origins212Spider-Man

, Peter Parker , Mary Jane Watson , Green Goblin , Norman Osborn

, Scientist
4852-14852The Final Showdown355Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Green Goblin, Taxi Driver$50.002003
4853-14853Spider-Man's Street Chase79Spider-Man, Jewel Thief (Two)$10.002004
Robbery Box4854Doc Ock's Bank Robbery176Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Aunt May, Highway Patrolman, Security Guard$19.992004
4855-1-24855Spider-Man's Train Rescue294Spider-Man, Doc Ock, J. Jonah Jameson, Subway Train Conductor$30.002004
Lego-collector-spiderman-4856-doc-ock-s-hideout4856Doc Ock's Hideout481Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Doc Ock, Harry Osborn$50.002004
4857-14857Doc Ock's Fusion Lab234Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Harry Osborn, Ambulance Driver$20.002004
4858-14858Doc Ock's Crime Spree57Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Policeman$14.992004
4860-1-14860Doc Ock's Café Attack132Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Peter Parker$29.992004
6557265572Spider-Man Combined Set1009Spider-Man (3), Doc Ock (3), J. Jonah Jameson, Subway Train Conductor, Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn (2), Ambulance Driver$200.00 $ / €300.00 $2005
10075-1K1376Spider-Man Adventure Kit303Actor (3), Director, Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Mary Jane 2003
K4852K4852Spider-Man Movie Kit998Green Goblin (3),

Mary Jane Watson (3), Spider-Man (3), Director, Actor (3), Criminal, Highway Patrolman, Taxi Driver, Peter Parker, Norman Osborn,



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