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Spider-Woman is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure that was given away at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 18, 2013.


She has Elizabeth Swann's hairpiece in black, and her red head is printed with a yellow triangle, white eyes, an area exposing her mouth and a double sided expression: happy and angry.


Jessica Drew was the daughter of scientists who worked for a supervillain known as the High-Evolutionary who performed mad science experiments with animals. While living in his commune, Jessica was exposed to radiation that would have killed her had it not been for her parents putting her in hibernation stasis.

Jessica was injected with a serum made from the DNA of a radioactive spider to make her immune to the radiation. When Jessica awoke from stasis, her parents had been long since dead but she hadn't aged a day. Due to the serum, Jessica gained powers like wall-crawling, super-strength, super reflexes, enhanced agility, a healing factor, pheromone discretion, and the power to shoot bio-electric, "Venom Blasts" from her hands.

Orphaned, she grew up with the humanoid animals in the lab who ostracized her for having been born human, causing her to run away. In the xenophobic world of humanity she was likewise discriminated against for her mutations causing her to fall into the hands of the evil organization HYDRA; here she was brainwashed into becoming an agent of theirs. Jessica would later be able to escape HYDRA with the help of SHIELD of-which she would become an agent of, using her powers to become the heroic Spider-Woman who would be one of the Avenger's most formidable members and HYDRA's greatest foes.


  • 350 of these minifigures were released at the event.


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