This article is about Minifigures character. For Marvel Super Heroes videogame character of a similar name, see Lady Spider (May Reilly).
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Spider Lady is a minifigure released in October 2015 as part of 71010 Minifigures Series 14.


The Spider Lady has a red and black outfit with spider web patterns around the collar and on the dress. There is one spider design on the waist, and two more that appear to be climbing the web patterns on her dress. There is a smaller spider on her neck. She has a beehive hairdo in black with a spider web on one side of her hair. Her face resembles a vampire's, as she has pale white skin and fangs. She also wears a small necklace. She has a new cape and collar in a foggy clear color, which have black spider web patterning, which gives it the appearance of a gigantic spider web. Her only accessory is a red spider.


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“Vould you like to meet my friends? I do hope you’re not too ticklish!”

Some vampires are fond of bats or rats, but the Spider Lady just adores spiders. She uses them in all of her home decorations, and even weaves her own gowns out of purest spider silk (a very fine thread, but a little sticky). She keeps a large number of pet spiders around her castle, but her favorite is a large red specimen that she calls Baron von Skitters.

Given her love of all things arachnid, it may be a little surprising to learn that the Spider Lady has become rather sweet on the Fly Monster. There’s just something about him that compels her to ask him over for tea…and she doesn’t understand why he keeps running away whenever she invites him to step into her parlor for a bite!