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The Spider Suit Boy is a Minifigures Series 18 minifigure released in 2018. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (see the source of this quote)

“BOO! I’m a spider!”

The Spider Suit Boy isn’t really into parties, but he is totally into scaring people. He can’t wait to use his spooky spider costume to make all of the other minifigures jump in surprise. Boy, will they be shocked when they see him!

The other minifigures sure do seem like they’re having fun, though. Look at them laughing and eating cake and having a good time. Maybe instead of scaring them right away, the Spider Suit Boy will just try one piece… and dance to just one song… and see if he can meet just one new friend… Hey, maybe there are better things to do at a party than scare people after all!


Spider Suit Boy wears a spider costume with cobwebs on the front of his torso and a large spider accessory that hangs over his back. In his hand, he holds a small black spider. His head has two possible facial expressions, one with a grimace, and one with a small fang on one side of his mouth. His flesh tone is a pale white-grey and he has small grey marks around his eyes. He also has a piece of head gear that resembles a spider's head, with two small fangs and multiple eyes.


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