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Spinlyn is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2014. She is the vain queen of the spider tribe. [1]


The self-proclaimed "Queen" of the Spider tribe, Spinlyn seems to keep control over her tribe due to her size and power - notably, she is the only member of the Spider tribe without a humanoid lower body. Instead, she appears to have a spider's body (albeit with six legs instead of eight), which gives her a variety of powers, such as the ability to fire webs from her forelegs. Extremely vain, Spinlyn is constantly fussing about her appearance. However, she is mirror-shatteringly ugly, even by the standards of her own species (though everyone's too afraid of her to say it out loud).

Spinlyn's specialty is weaving traps such as the ones she used to contain the Gorilla Legend and Rhinoceros Legend. She enjoys spending time admiring her work.

In A Tangled Web, Spinlyn is found gloating over how she has the two Legend Beasts contained, only to be fooled by Laval and friends when they disguise Rogon's Tank as a huge fly. When the ruse is uncovered, Spinlyn retreats into her "Beauty Hole" to primp for the battle. Unfortunately, by the time she finished, the Chima 8 were already making their getaway, and she was unable to halt their retreat. Her fang is broken when Rogon launches his "Autopilot"(A rock with a goofy face scribbled on it) at her. Naturally, she has a meltdown over the damage to her perfect face.

In The Legend Thief, Plovar is kidnapped by the Spiders. Spinlyn decides to take advantage of this and coerces Plovar into fixing her tooth, threatening to devour him if he refuses.

In Tooth or Consequences, Spinlyn was key in not only moving the Wolf Legend and Crominus to a secure location in the caves, she also captured Cragger, Worriz, and Plover when she heard them talking about her appearance. She later argued with Scorm about whether the first orbs of CHI that fell to them from the top of the caves was dropped by a Giant Scorpion or a Giant Spider. Neither one believed Cragger when he revealed that Laval was the one who had dropped the orbs.

In This May Sting a Bit, Spinlyn is tricked by Plovar into walking into a pit of thick mud which trapped her, as well as those who tried to rescue her. Now without fear of reprisal, Plover finally says what everyone else has been thinking about her appearance directly to her.

In Season 3 it is revealed that Spinlyn survived and escaped the mud pit. She and the remaining crawlers attempt to battle the Ice Tribes, but fail in the effort.

In episode 36, she gets unfrozen by Flinx and battle the good tribes, but she is first concerned with her beauty after being frozen for so long. During the battle, Crunket knocked her off her feet using her tail, re-breaking the fang Plovar fixed before. She and the other dark tribes where washed into a crevasse made by Flinx. When there washed out off the side of the hunters fortress, she saves some of them from falling with her webs. Her abdomen is larger as of this episode. Like the other Crawlers, she is ejected from the melting glacier.


  • Her name is a play on spin(web-spinning) and the name Lynn.
  • She has a red spider in her abdomen.
  • Although her minifigure portrait on 70133 Spinlyn's Cavern shows her as having a brown line separating her two plate pieces as if she has two legs, this does not appear on her minifigure at all.
  • Spinlyn's appearance is similar to a drider.



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