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Spooky Boy is a Minifigures Series 16 minifigure released in 2016.


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“I want to come play with you.”

The Spooky Boy just wants a friend. A friend that he can read stories to from his favorite book of spooky tales. A friend who doesn’t mind that his pet spider accompanies him everywhere he goes. A friend who doesn’t wonder why he doesn’t show up in photographs. A friend who won’t ask why he has a fang.

But the sad little Spooky Boy hasn’t had any luck. He tries his hardest to make friends, but sometimes it seems like other people don’t even see him when he’s standing right next to them. He’s heard that somewhere out there is a Spooky Girl, but he can’t find her anywhere. In the meantime, he’ll keep looking for somebody who will be his friend. Maybe somebody…like you?

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