Spy, codenamed Agent A, is a Minifigures Series 16 minifigure released in 2016.


The Spy is essentially an updated version of Dash Justice's original minifigure from the Alpha Team theme. He wears black clothing printed with accessories including belts, pouches, pockets, zippers, and kneepads. His chest bears an emblem resembling the wireframe globe on Alpha Team uniforms, overlaid with a red capital A matching the first letter of the Alpha Team logo. He has reddish brown hair with attachable black goggles. His head is printed with a smirking facial expression and a headset microphone. The minifigure is equipped with rope and a gun.


The Spy is a secret agent codenamed Agent A, whose identity and backstory remain a mystery. He first undertook a mission for Alpha Team to free Ogel's Skeleton Drones from their Mind Control Orbs. Years later, the Spy infiltrated Dr. Inferno's Volcano Base, which imploded shortly afterward. He was assumed to be killed in action, but the Spy's survival was revealed when he rescued Solomon Blaze from Alien Buggoids. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (see the source of this quote)

“When there’s no chance of success, I’m on the job.”

Codenamed “Agent A”, the Spy is the ultimate secret agent. Few have ever seen him in action, and almost nothing is known about his identity or past. His first recorded mission on file was for the organization known as Alpha Team, when he triggered a mind-control orb self-destruct program that toppled the evil Ogel’s latest scheme for world domination and freed his brainwashed Skeleton Drone minions.

Several years later, following the Zed Incident, the Spy was spotted infiltrating the volcano lair of Dr. Inferno shortly before its implosion. Although presumed lost in the line of duty, he resurfaced in the daring rescue of captured Galaxy Squad pilot Solomon Blaze from alien Buggoids before disappearing once again. If you need the Spy, don’t try to find him – he’ll find you!


  • The Spy's description references Alpha Team, Agents, and Galaxy Squad. Galaxy Squad is a prequel to Ultra Agents, which features Solomon Blaze as a returning character. Therefore, the Spy's biography effectively ties together all three of LEGO's secret agent themes.
  • Although the Spy appears to be clearly modeled after Dash Justice, his bio makes it ambiguous whether they are intended to be the same character, given that the Spy has a different codename and does not explicitly reference anything that Dash has done beyond working for Alpha Team.


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