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Spykor are Ninjago creatures. They resemble spiders.


Spykors are black spiders with white faces and red eyes. They have a skull sign on their backs.


Spykors have the ability to make spider webs, climb on them, and use poison. They live in the Underworld, and in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu they attacked ninjas when they tried to reach Garmadon's fortress. Lloyd later had to deal with them while pursuing Morro across the Sixteen Realms in "Curseworld, Part II."

Spinjitzu Smash

Spykors appear in Spinjitzu Smash! and Spinjitzu Smash DX online games. They appear as enemies. In Spinjitzu Smash DX, the Spykor leader captured Nya.

LEGO Quest & Collect

In LEGO Quest & Collect, Spykors appear as enemies in the Underworld.



Video Game Appearances


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