The Spyrians are the astronaut minifigures from the Spyrius theme, introduced in 1994.


Each Spyrian has a bright blue torso with spacesuit printing. His arms, legs, and airtank are black, while his hands, hips, and helmet are bright red. The helmet has a transparent fluorescent green visor.

Two Spyrians have been featured in LEGO sets, mainly distinguished by their face decorations. The more common Spyrian has red hair, rounded eyebrows, and is clean-shaven. The less common Spyrian has black sideburns, angular eyebrows, a mustache, and stubble. The latter Spyrian's helmet also features additional printing.


The Spyrians are villainous spies who colonized planet Spyrius, one of the outer planets of the Untied Galaxies. The Spyrians are the cohorts of Major Kartofski, and they command an army of massive robots to guard their stolen technology. One Spyrian spy is currently operating on Planet 2002 and reporting Space Police activities; he is incredibly fast, a master of disguise, and able to turn himself invisible except for his eyes.[1]

In German catalogs and the Time Cruisers audio dramas, they are called "mutants" and "pseudonauts", implying they may not be usual humans.


  • The Spyrian with facial hair and printed helmet is commonly referred to as the "Spyrius Chief" by fans. However, this does not appear to be supported by any official sources, since he is not distinguished from his fellow Spyrians in any magazine or catalog descriptions, nor is he given any special rank beyond "spy" or "astronaut". The Spyrius droid, Major Kartofski, is given much more focus in the theme's marketing and is shown to be commanding the Spyrian spies.
  • The clean-shaven Spyrian might be named Sovek, given that 6939 Saucer Centurion is called "Spyrian Sovek with Major Kartofski" in the UK. Note that the only other set with "Spyrian" in its name is 6705 Commander Bear and the Spyrians (indicating that "Spyrian" is only used as a title for the astronauts and not in reference to their vehicles), and this is a set that also provides the character name of Major Kartofski. However, this is not confirmed to be true.


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LEGO Description This is a description taken from Shop At Home January 1996 Catalog. Do not modify it.

The Spyrians are a group of villains who terrorize other inhabitants of the United Galaxies. They are very devious and steal satellites and rockets whenever they can. The monster robots are then positioned to guard the stolen equipment, keeping it away from the prying eyes of the Unitron forces.


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