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The Spyrius Droid is a Minifigure from the Spyrius theme.

LEGO catalogs in the UK referred to set 6939 Saucer Centurion as "Spyrian Sovek with Major Kartofski". Additionally, the Summer 1994 issue of Bricks n Pieces magazine included a short story that again referred to "Major Kartofski and his Spyrian cohorts".

As fans had assumed the minifigure commonly (but not officially) known as the Spyrius Chief was the leader of Spyrius, this led to some confusion as to who Major Kartofski was. However, the minifigure dubbed by fans to be the "Spyrius Chief" is not in set 6939 - only the Spyrius Astronaut and Spyrius Droid are.

The Spyrius Droid was featured very prominently in all advertising for the theme, and was shown commanding raids on Unitron in a TV commercial and small comic in catalogs of the time (which even specifically showed him in command over the Spyrius Astronaut, who was piloting a larger robot). Additionally, the UK catalogs tended to name a single character from each Space theme, and then use that character as a representative of the theme next to the theme's bios. Space Police II was represented by Captain Magenta, Ice Planet 2002 was represented by Commander Bear, and Spyrius was represented by the Spyrius Droid. All this makes it highly likely that Major Kartofski is the name of the Spyrius Droid in the UK.

Another magazine, LEGO Club Innovations, gave a slightly different backstory for Spyrius than Bricks n Pieces. In this story, it was mentioned that the Spyrius Droid could use its "magic helmet" to turn invisible, except for its red hands. In this version of the story, the Spyrius Droid is "sent by the Spyrius spies", implying it is not a commander.




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