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Square Foot is a minifigure released in October 2015 as part of 71010 Minifigures Series 14.


Square Foot resembles the Yeti in appearance, but with different colors and printing. He reuses the Yeti's head in Reddish Brown. His eyebrows and the fur around his mouth are Dark Brown. His torso and arms are also Reddish Brown, with no printing. His hands are Dark Nougat, and his legs are unprinted except for his feet, which show Dark Nougat toes and some more fur. He comes with a camera, a reference to photographs that claim to prove Bigfoot's existence.



  • His appearance is same as the Yeti from 71002 Minifigures Series 11, but in brown with a camera.
  • Unlike the Yeti from Series 11, his torso has no printing. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

“Aw, c’mon. Just hold still for a second!”
Legend holds that a rare and reclusive creature called the Square Foot dwells deep within the woods. Actually, the legend is only half-right. The shaggy Square Foot does spend a lot of time out in the wilderness, but that’s because he’s an avid amateur nature photographer who’s always looking for his next great shot.

Somehow, though, all of his photos end up coming out blurry. Maybe it’s because hikers and campers keep spotting his square-shaped footprints and making a big fuss about them. Maybe it’s because he needs to buy a new camera. Or maybe it’s because he always puts his hand in front of the lens. It’s definitely one hairy situation!

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