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Squidman is a LEGO alien Minifigure from the 2009 Space Theme Space Police III.


Squidman (aka, P Squiddy, The Mollusk Menace) is an alien criminal. He has committed the crimes of burglary, vandalism, and theft, along with breaking out another space criminal, Snake.

Squidman runs a pitstop, at which he often hides weapons and illegal goods like gold and chemical vats. He has been spotted to actually work out there and that he pimped up some of the vehicles of the Black Hole Gang's fleet. He has not been reported to be caught for it.

Squidman is the self-declared "King of the Squidmen", but he is the only story-wise known member of his species. He has made a robot, Squidtron, to boss around and use as an alibi to commit crimes, but the latter betrayed him and decided to be an even better criminal. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

This gold crazy mollusk menace calls himself the King of the Squidmen, even though no one else in the galaxy has ever seen another alien like him. Squidman is all about Get-Rich-Quick schemes and making a fast space buck, no matter what he has to steal or who he has to cheat to do it. Good thing his crooked schemes usually backfire right in his face!

Vehicle of Choice: His own suction-cup feet.


  • Gold theft
  • Gold forging
  • Gold smuggling


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