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The Star Corps Trooper is a minifigure from the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith theme, depicting a Clone Trooper from the 327th Star Corps.


The Star Corps Trooper has the standard white legs with a black joint and plain black head piece that most Clone Troopers not from The Clone Wars subtheme have. However, the torso piece has unique printing on the front and back to depict patterns commonly found on Star Corps armour. This includes a vertical yellow stripe going down the centre of the front of the torso and yellow printing on the belt. Also different from the standard Phase II Clone Trooper design is the grey strap printed on the front right-hand side of the torso, and black printing on the back of the torso piece at the top above the printed backplate. The helmet piece is of a standard Phase II Clone Trooper helmet mould, but has a yellow stripe going down the middle.

The first Star Corps Trooper was released in the 7261 Clone Turbo Tank (which was later re-released in 2006). This trooper came equipped with twin grey pistols and an orange and black pauldron made out of fabric. In 2007, Star Corps Troopers were included in the 7655 Clone Troopers Battle Pack and W007 LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper Watch, both armed with moulded guns but no pauldron.


The 327th Star Corps were elite Clone Troopers under the Command of Jedi General Aayla Secura and Clone Marshal Commander Bly, and fell under the 2nd Sector Army. They were distinguished by striped yellow markings, and some wore Kamas and Command Pauldrons. Notable units were the 7th Legion, 101st Regiment, Hawkbat Battalion, Bacta Company, K Company, 2nd Platoon, and Talon Squad. The Star Corps carried out several missions throughout the Clone Wars, and when Order 66 was issued, Commander Bly along with three other troops from the Star Corps were responsible for the death of General Aayla Secura.



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