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Starboard is a Pirates LEGO Ideas minifigure who appears in the set 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay.


Resembling an updated version of various generic pirates, Port retains classic visual motifs of a bandana, striped sleeveless shirt, and mustache. His bandana and pants are bright red, and his white shirt bears blue stripes and a brown leather belt. His black mustache is a separate neck accessory, while his face only shows stubble.


Starboard and Port, the two Broadside Brothers, are crewmembers of the Black Seas Barracuda who help keep things shipshape. He shares Port's love of grooming his facial hair. However, Starboard is a poor cook.


  • It is unknown if the Broadside Brothers have any familial relationship with Governor Broadside.
  • Starboard appears to be an updated version of a specific Pirates minifigure appearing in 6268 Renegade Runner, and therefore may be intended as the same character.
  • A pirate named Starboard first appeared in Soccer Mania on the Shipshape Shipmates team. The Soccer Mania Starboard similarly wears a red bandana and a blue-and-white striped shirt, although he has an eyepatch instead of a mustache and his pants are blue instead of red. It is unknown if they are the same character.


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The other Broadside Brother. Shared his love of face furniture with his brother but lets himself down with his cooking.