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|Variations = Micro Mob
|Variations = Micro Mob
|Accessories = Pickaxe
|Accessories = Pickaxe
|Years = [[2012]]
|Years = [[2012]], [[2014]]
|Appearances = [[21102 Micro World]]
|Appearances = [[21102 Micro World]]

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This article is about the Minecraft character. For the LEGO Racers character, see Steve.

Steve is a micro mob and minifigure from the Minecraft theme. He is Minecraft's default Player Skin (Avatar). Although he is called Steve on the LEGO website, Notch has stated in the past that his name is spelled as "Steve?" since he had no official name. Officially, he has no name and is usually referred to as "The Player".


Micro Mob

Steve consists merely of five small pieces, stacked directly atop each other. A black 1X1 plate represents his legs, and a blue 1X1 brick his body. Two tan 1X1 parts, are each printed with a section of his features, and put atop each other to form his face. A reddish-brown 1X1 tile is used as his hair.


Steve consists of a special moulded head, with a printed/sticker face. There is also a teal torso and navy blue legs.


Steve looks the same as his regular minifigure variant, but with the addition of a special pickaxe accessory, and armour. A knight armour piece fits in between the head and torso and represents iron armour.


Steve found himself in a mysterious world filled with various strange creatures called Mobs, where he attempted to survive, gathered resources, and built magnificent structures.


  • In the set, he comes with extra 1x1 tiles for his face, hair, and legs, so the builder can make another Steve if they have another blue 1x1 brick.

Gallery of Variants

Steve (Minecraft)
Steve Prototype Full
Steve Fig
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