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Steve Spanner is a minifigure from City Center, introduced in 1999.


Steve Spanner has brown hair on his face print. He wears a dark green cap, bright red pants, and a white shirt with red overalls decorated with a wrench logo.


Steve Spanner is a mechanic who runs the LEGO City Vehicle Repair Center with his assistant Fay Fixit.

In Repair Race, Steve Spanner and Fay Fixit race to repair Ben Steer's truck, and Steve arrives first and gets the job done. He warns Fay to slow down as she drives quickly to repair Bruce Swift's mail truck, but she does not listen. Therefore, Steve is called in to help Fay, who had just crashed her repair truck into Bruce's mail truck. Steve brought his own truck and, along with Fay, helps Bruce deliver the mail.


Description This is a description taken from LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 9. Do not modify it.

Steve Spanner
Runs the LEGO City Vehicle Repair Centre!


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