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Stop the Morbuzakh
Stop the Morbuzakh




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Stop the Morbuzakh! was a discontinued BIONICLE Online Game released in 2004. Unlike most games, it was a download that could not be played on the site. The game can be downloaded from the archived site here.


In the game, you play as Vakama, shooting disks at the Morbuzakh to stop it from destroying pipes and spilling molten protodermis, overflowing the factory, and drowing you (or presumably forcing you to evacuate). In addition to an unlimited supply of (powerless) Fire disks, the player can also collect up to five Water disks, which are capable of destroying blue vines. Yellow vines require two hits with any disk. Green vines just require one hit.

There are also several awards for the game:

Trick Shot: Arguably the hardest award to earn, Trick Shot requires a player to ricochet a disk off of a railing or post and hit a vine. It is unclear if the shot needs to destroy the vine to be awarded.

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