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Storm is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. She was released physically in 2014.


Ororo Munroe was an orphan who grew up on the streets of Cairo, Egypt, making a living for herself as a pickpocket. In a moment that would unexpectedly decide her destiny, she attempted to steal from Charles Xavier, a powerful mutant telepath also known as Professor X. This chance encounter would lead Xavier to track down Munroe years later, finding her living among a small tribe in Kenya. As Ororo's mutant ability to create and change weather elements at her liking had emerged in this time, the tribe saw her as a goddess. She was then recruited by Xavier to join a new team of X-Men, formed to rescue the first team from the living island of Krakoa. Since then, Ororo has been a key member of the X-Men, serving as the team's leader on multiple occasions.


  • For a while, Storm was married to Black Panther, making her the Queen of Wakanda. Before they parted ways, they briefly acted as replacement members of the Fantastic Four on the request of Mister Fantastic.


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