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Stretch is a Toy Story 3 minifigure. She consists of two pieces; Part 30151pb02, the head; and Part 90001, the legs.


Stretch is an octopus, purple in colour. She has a rounded head with white eyes, with black and white pupils and a frowned mouth. Underneath her head is a rounded piece with eight legs coming out with four suckers underneath each leg.


Stretch was first seen as a friendly octopus who shook Hamm's hoof when he first comes to Sunnyside. She is later seen gambling with Lotso's other henchtoys and helps Lotso and Buzz Lightyear (after he is reset to "Demo" mode) imprison Andy's toys (Woody, Jessie, Hamm, the Aliens and Bullseye). She goes back to being friendly and nice after discovering Lotso's true colours.



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