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Studios is a theme that was introduced in 2000 and discontinued by the end of 2002 or in early 2003. Sets of the theme mainly focused on the making of stop motion movies and the steps and practices there of. The theme featured several licensed subthemes, including Jurassic Park III and the last of which was the original Spider-Man movie series in 2002.

LEGO Studios commercial

LEGO Studios commercial

Characteristics And Popularity

The appeal of Studios is that the stop-motion animation camera, included with the set 1349 LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set, allows users to create real stop-motion movies with LEGO Bricks. In response, many websites that are dedicated to creating such movies, which are now known as "Brickfilms", have been created.

The director Minifigure featured in most of the sets is a caricature of Steven Spielberg, who attached his name to the aforementioned MovieMaker set. Unusually, he was included in the Lego Studios Spider-Man Action Studio set, but the movies were directed by Sam Raimi.

Adventurers characters Johnny Thunder and Pippin Reed appear as Actors in three sets, based on the adventurer's theme from 2001-2004. Namely 1355 Temple of Gloom, 1370 Raptor Rumble Studio, and 1354 Dino Head Attack.

This theme also appears in My LEGO Network (MLN) on the LEGO website as collectable stickers.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
10075-1-210075Spider-Man Action Pack25Green Goblin , Mary Jane Watson , Director , Peter Parker , Police Officer , Spider-Man , Stunt-Man 2002
1349-b1349LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set433Director , Assistant (Studios) , Cameraman , Actress , Grip , Stunt-Man , Res-Q Fireman$179.992000
No image1351Moving Backdrop Studio   
1352 box1352Explosion Studio232Camera Man , Police Officer , Driver Actor , Director$35.002001
1353-1-31353Car Stunt Studio164Camera Man, Driver Actor$19.992001
1354 Dino Head Attack1354Dino Head Attack92Actress, Grip$9.992001
1355 Box1355Temple of Gloom56Johnny Thunder Actor, Camera Man$6.992001
1356 Stuntman Catapult1356Stunt Man Catapult27Director, Stunt-Man$3.99 / €2.992001
1357 Box1357Cameraman20Cameraman$1.992001
1360 Box1360Director's Copter21Director$2.992001
1361 Box1361Camera Car19Camera Man$2.992001
1362 Box1362Air Boat23Stunt Driver$2.992001
1363 Box1363Stunt Go-Cart24Racer$2.992001
1370-11370Raptor Rumble Studio154Camera Man, Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed$19.992001
1371 Spinosaurus Attack1371Spinosaurus Attack178Stunt-Man, Camera Man$34.992001
1374-41374Green Goblin55Mary Jane Watson, Green Goblin$6.992002
1375-11375Wrestling Scene128Spider-Man (Wrestler), Bone Saw, Camera Man 2003 (unreleased)
101376Spider-Man Action Studio244Spider-Man,

Peter Parker, Stunt-man, Director,

1380 Box1380Werewolf Ambush110Gentleman, Lady, Werewolf$9.992002
1381 Box1381Vampire Crypt170Vampire, Hunchback, Gentleman, Grip$19.992002
1382 Box1382Scary Laboratory492Frankenstein's Monster, Mad Scientist, Gentleman, Lady, Director, Skeleton, Ghost$49.992002
1383 Box1383Curse of the Pharaoh50Skeleton, Mummy$3.992002
Skelscene1411Filming of a Pirate Scene29Skeleton,

Director, Pirate Actor (Captain Redbeard),

Camera Man
1421 Director's Copter1421Director's Copter22Director 2001
1361-11422Camera Car19Camera Man 2001
1423-21423Air Boat251 2001
13631424Stunt Go-Cart24Stunt-Man 2001
40494049Film Set with Quiky28Quiky , Cameraman , Director 2001
40514051Quiky the Bunny4Quiky 2001
4052-14052Director4Director/Steven Spielberg 2001
4053-14053Cameraman5Camera Man 2001
4056 Colour Light4056Colour Light13 2001
4057 Spot Light4057Spot Light10 2001
40584058Cameraman 14Camera Man 2001
40594059Director4Director 2001
40604060Grip4Grip 2001
40614061Assistant4Assistant (Studios) 2001
40624062Actress4Actress 2001
40634063Cameraman 24Camera Man 2001
40644064Actor 24Actor 2001
40654065Actor 34Robber Chief 2001
40664066Actor 14Stunt-Man 2001
4067 Buggy4067Buggy15 2001
40684068Handy Camera6 2001
40694069Katinco & Megaphone4 2001
40704070Stand Camera7 2001
40714071Bottles7 2001
Skelpromo4072Skeleton6Skeleton 2001
40734073Tree 16 2001
40744074Tree 314 2001
40754075Tree 213 2001
40764076Pteranodon17 2001
40774077Plesiosaur13 2001
40784078T-Rex18 2001
4079 Mini Rex4079Mini Rex4Baby Tyrannosaurus rex 2001
9647-19647Camera and Software Kit2 2000
CokejpiiJapaneseCoca-Cola Promotional Set Collection14810 2001
10075-1K1376Spider-Man Adventure Kit303Actor (3), Director, Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Mary Jane 2003
K1383K1383Scary Monster Madness Kit765Pharaoh, Skeleton, Director, Mad Scientist, Lady (2), Man (3), Frankenstein, Cameraman, Vampire, Hunchback, Werewolf 2002
K4852K4852Spider-Man Movie Kit998Green Goblin (3),

Mary Jane Watson (3), Spider-Man (3), Director, Actor (3), Criminal, Highway Patrolman, Taxi Driver, Peter Parker, Norman Osborn,








Mary Jane Watson
Mary Jane, Carnival dressGreen Goblin, No printSpiderman, Wrestling CostumeSpiderman, 2002Bone Saw (never released)


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