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Studs Linkin, also known as Studz Linkin, is a character who appears in the LEGO Island series.,


LEGO Island

In Studs Linkin's first appearance in LEGO Island he can often be found at the racetrack, sometimes challenging the player to a race or racing around the track. If the player wins in a race against him and Rhoda Hogg he refuses to accept any personal responsibility for defeat. He can also seen during the tow truck mission after his car crashes. Hot Rod Linkin is also mentioned to be his dad in the game.

LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

While Studs doesn't appear in the PC, Playstation, or Game Boy Advance versions of the game, he does appear in the Game Color Version of the game. Studs can initially be seen seen near the garage after a race completes, afterwards he can be seen being chased by a Brickster-Bot near the police station.

Island Xtreme Stunts

Studz Linkin resides in the Grey Apartments in Island Xtreme Stunts and can be see driving around LEGO Island during the game. If Pepper talks to him he mentions that he is LEGO Racers' champion driver, potentially as either a reference to the theme or the video game of the same name.

Behind the Scenes

Early in the development of the PC and Playstation versions of LEGO Island 2, when they were being developed at Krisalis, Pepper was suppose to race against him and Rhoda Hogg at the racetrack in the game.[1] This was ultimately scrapped from the game.

Pepper was also suppose to race against Studz Linkin in Island Xtreme Stunts, but this was subquest was cut from the game.[2]


  • Studs Linkin is voices by Terry McGovern in LEGO Island and Brad Levelle in Island Xtreme Stunts.[3]


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