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The Stunt Man[1] (alternatively written as Stuntman),[2][3] also known as Stunt Driver[4] and implied to be named Bart,[3] is a minifigure from the Studios theme introduced in 2000.


The Stunt Man wears black clothing, with his torso printed with a silver zipper jacket. His gloves are dark grey. His head is reused from Sparks, featuring stubble and red hair. The Stunt Man wears various headgear in different sets, including a black Mini U.S. Cap; a black Mini Crash Helmet with transparent light blue or transparent fluorescent green Mini Visor 2; and a grey Flying Helmet. In 4066 Actor 1, he wears a bright red Mini U.S. Cap and pants.


The Stunt Man is an actor who takes the place of other actors to perform dangerous stunt scenes in films, such as catapulting over flames or escaping from exploding buildings. In Jurassic Park III, he plays the role of a pilot who is attacked by a Spinosaurus. In Spider-Man, he plays the role of a bank robber who is caught by Spider-Man. It is implied that he is the same actor who plays the Werewolf in Scary Thriller, since they share the same headpiece.

In Backlot, Bart the Stuntman is required to film the Alligator scene for the new Johnny Thunder picture. However, he catches the flu from Howard the 1st A.D. and has to stay at home to recover; while Bart himself is never seen in-game, his clothes match the minifigure from 1356, implying that Bart is the same Stuntman depicted in sets. Since Bart is the only one allowed in the Alligator Tank in Stage 1, the player's character must put on Bart's outfit and pretend to be him, jumping across the Alligators to get the scene done. After completing the shot, the player can use the Stuntman Catapult to get atop the skyscraper and collect the rhubarb pie.

Gallery of Variants[]

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Black U.S. CapCrash Helmet
(Blue Visor)
Crash Helmet
(Green Visor)
Flying HelmetRed U.S. Cap



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