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Sui[1] is a Western Indians minifigure introduced in 1997.


Sui's clothes are brick yellow, with printing on her torso, hip, and legs featuring red and white patterns. She has black braided hair adorned with a white Indian Feather W. Pin, and wears a black quiver on her back. Her face is printed with angular eyebrows, a visible nose, and red lips.

Although her minifigure is the only one in the Indians subtheme to lack facepaint, she has blue facepaint when portrayed as a human in the Time Cruisers comics.


Sui is the daughter of Chief Black Eagle, living in the Rapid River Village. In the Time Cruisers comics, she is cornered by a deadly black rattlesnake and calls for help. Tim Timebuster and Ingo find her, and Ingo frightens off the rattlesnake. However, Sui faints from exhaustion, shortly before her father and the rest of the tribe arrive. Unaware that they had rescued her, the angry Chief blames Tim and Ingo for attacking Sui and captures them.

Although Sui is not a playable character in Soccer Mania, two natives identical to Sui appear in the cutscene where Chief Buffalo uses a totem pole to locate the Brickster.


  • In the FMV cutscenes of LEGO Chess, Sheriff Wild Wyatt West meets with a tribal chief who has the same head and torso as Sui. However, the in-game Queen minifigure for the Western-themed chess set uses a different design.


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