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Sushimi is a minifigure from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu released in 2020.



Sushimi is one of the myriad characters featured in Prime Empire, serving as a last boss before players reach the lair of Unagami himself. He is mentioned in passing by Shifty in "The Cliffs of Hysteria", before making a full appearance in "The Temple of Madness. Here, he and the staff and cuisine of his sushi restaurant attack Jay and Nya on their way to Unagami. Sushimi is bested by the two Ninja, but follows them to the gate to Unagami's lair and throws a weapon at them, striking Nya and costing her the last of her lives. Jay then makes his own strike against Sushimi, causing him to disappear.



  • His name is an amalgamations of the words "Sushi" and "Sashimi".
  • In "The Temple of Madness", he is credited only as "Sushi Chef" and is voiced by Vincent Tong, who is also the voice of Kai and several other characters.