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―Sword Lion Knight

The Sword Lion Knight[1] is a Kingdoms minifigure introduced in 2010.


Most Lion Knights are Sword Lion Knights, therefore are armed with swords. Always anticipating an attack from the Dragon Knights, the Sword Lion Knights keep their armor and swords in good condition so that they will be ready to battle the Lion Kingdom's enemies.


  • On the online profile, the Sword Lion Knight is represented with the minifigure of a Crossbow Lion Knight from 7946 King's Castle. However, this specific minifigure is only portrayed wielding a sword on the set's box art, while all other official images show him with a crossbow instead.
  • Despite the online profile stating that most Lion Knights wield swords, it seems that most sword-wielding Lion Knights are the more distinguished Royal Lion Knights, while most generic soldiers tend to wield spears or other weapons instead.

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Sword Lion Knight

Most Lion Knights carry swords into battle, always ready to fight off any enemies who try to attack the kingdom. They always make sure to keep their armor and swords in good condition, because you never know when or where the Dragon Knights will strike next!