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"If only it could be Taco Tuesday every day!"
―Taco Tuesday Man

Taco Tuesday Man is one of the characters in the 2014 film, The LEGO Movie. description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

“If only it could be Taco Tuesday every day!”

The Taco Tuesday Man makes the tastiest tacos in town. They’re the most irresistible treat in all of Bricksburg, and people come from far and wide just to take a bite of their mouth-watering crunchy, zesty goodness.

Even President Business is a big fan. That’s why he’s declared a city-wide Taco Tuesday when every rule-following citizen will gather outside to get a free taco. The Taco Tuesday Man sure is glad people like his tacos so much, and that it isn’t all part of some secret evil scheme to control the entire world!



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  • He, Maraca Man and Mariachi are the only three minifigures wearing a sombrero.
  • He is similar to the Maraca Man, but he has different printings and colours.
  • Free tacos were to be distributed on Taco Tuesday. The Taco Tuesday Man thought this was just a good business promotion. He had no idea that Lord Business was using this to trick the citizens of Bricksburg into staying in happy positions so they would look good when he glued them into place with the Kragle.
  • In the video game, his poncho has the same pattern as the Maraca Man's. The actual minifigure, however, has a new exclusive poncho pattern.
  • In both film and video game, he has a maraca rather than a plate.
  • There are many Taco Tuesday mascots, most celebrated in Bricksburg and one of them is a Master Builder.


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