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Taejo Togokhan is a minifigure in the Speed Racer theme.


Taejo appeared in two sets. He wears his dragon-printed white racing suit and white helmet in one, and a torn blue jacket in the other. The intricate red dragon pattern on his minifigure is different from the classic black one seen in the movie. While the movie character has wild red-and-black hair, the minifigure comes with no hairpiece, though his face printing does hint at his hairstyle.


Taejo is a Korean-Japanese racer whose family racing business Mushi Motors is part of the global cartel that controls professional racing. However, when the largest corporation, Royalton Industries, tries to take over Mushi Motors in order to monopolise a particular engine technology, Mushi begins to resist. This leads to Taejo being captured and tortured by the crime lord Cruncher Block. Before Cruncher can feed one of his hands to his piranhas, he is rescued by Racer X who recruits him to his cause of taking the cartel down. Taejo tells Racer X that Mushi Motors has incriminating evidence against Arnold Royalton. They decide to compete in the Crucible, a brutal cross-country race, in order to strengthen Mushi's position, and recruit Speed Racer to the team. During the race, they're constantly targeted by rival teams hired by Royalton, and Taejo himself is poisoned when their hotel is attacked by ninjas. Unable to continue the race, Taejo's car is secretly driven by Speed's girlfriend Trixie in the second stage while Taejo traps Cruncher Block by posing as his own sister (knowing Cruncher would try to kidnap her). Team Togokhan goes on to win the Crucible and Mushi's stock soars, but they betray Speed and Racer X by selling out to Royalton anyway. In deference to Royalton, Taejo declines to take the place in the Grand Prix he earned by winning the Crucible. However, his sister, who feels guilty for her family's behavior, passes the ticket onto Speed, who goes on to win the Grand Prix at Royalton's expense. Taejo quietly approves of his sister's actions and turns state's witness against Royalton. At the end of the film, a newspaper article states that Taejo Togokhan has agreed to testify against Arnold Royalton and Cruncher Block.


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