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NRG Zane Spinner set includes the cards Crumble to dust, Spin-o-Rama, SnowBlind and Diameter coated. Crumble to dust requires 300 sp earth and opponent discards a face-up crown card. Spin-o-rama requires 200 ice and spinner is placed on the side and if your spinner spins for longer, reclaim a lost weapon. Snowblind requires a golden weapon and 200 ice sp and opponents ice sp is reduced by 100. Diameter coated requires 500 ice sp and a crown and discard a crown card to avoid losing after any spin. He has a rarity of one star and the tooth on the scythe is whiter than the rest of the scythe.

An NRG instruction manual was accidentally put into NRG Jay and it was in only different languages so this is the best translation even though I am certain of the crumble to dust, Spin-o-rama and requirements because of the images.

Side 1

SIde that shows cards

Other side

The other side

Could you scan smaller sections of it, or at least take pictures of the individual sections, because I can't read anything, and I'm pretty sure that also applies to other editors here.-- 01:07, July 5, 2012 (UTC)
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