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Samsonite and Minitalia

Samsonite are not a theme, they are an American producer of LEGO. all the sets can be themed under System i Leg and/or LEGOLAND. They did however produce a small number of sets that were not produced in Europe but even those sets are with-in System i Leg or LEGOLAND themes Minitalia also is not a theme technically, although quite different to Samsonite where all the Minitalia sets were produced only in Italy, so I guess you could call Minitalia a theme I have done many Samsonite sets and with all of them I have listed the themes as LEGOLAND or System i Leg, Samsonite has been added to the themes but the main page for Samsonite should not really list any sets, only details of they being a manufacturer and produced LEGO under license. Cheers Gladiatoring 00:49, January 24, 2010 (UTC)

Also Classic town and Space should be listed as simply Town and Space, when these sets were released they were titled as such. LEGO have never attached the word classic to these products when they were released or in production, only online database' have done this and its kind of a misnomer as you cant call something classic when it is brand new. Although they did do this with the recent minifigure product collections. Anyway to be accurate the names should reflect what they were called at the time and by the LEGO Group, and not what online afols have called them sometime afterward. Something to ponder have a nice day Gladiatoring 00:55, January 24, 2010 (UTC)